The Untold Stories of brain injury

Brain injury remains little understood by wider society. Here we hope to share some of the Untold Stories of brain injury and how they affect individuals and their families.

A disability that's hidden in plain sight

Brain injury is often hidden, with only very subtle signs that someone is living with a disability.

So what problems can arise when society as a whole doesn’t understand that someone is living with a disability, especially when that someone might appear totally fine? We’ve explored the challenges in early years, with the criminal justice system, and for women living with a brain injury, in the below hub.

Jamie-Lee's story of brain injury
early years

Children's experience of brain injury and education

The Untold Stories of education, healthcare and the postcode lottery of support for children who experience brain injury.

Brain injuries that occur in a child’s early years can have serious consequences for their education and adult life, so getting the right support is essential. Here we explain the Untold Stories behind this.

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Brain injury and the criminal justice system

Unfortunately many people with brain injury can find themselves embroiled in the criminal justice system.

Behavioural issues and other hidden disabilities can mean people with a brain injury find themselves led into situations involving crime. Here we explain the Untold Story of brain injury and the criminal justice system.

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gender and tbi

Gender/sex and brain injury

How someone's experience of brain injury, and society's attitudes towards their injury, can change as a result of their gender or sex.

Unfortunately, many women who experience brain injury don’t get the support suited to their situation that men might. We spoke to experts in the field of gender/sex and brain injury to find out more about this Untold Story.

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Watch our webinar on best practice in rehabilitation

View a replay of our webinar to find out more about best practice in brain injury rehab.

Hosted by brain injury case management expert Mark Holloway, with insights from our brain injury team, our webinar covered a range of topics on brain injury rehabilitation. Watch it here.

Ahead Together

How we aim to further understanding of the family experience of brain injury

Tracy Norris-Evans, Co-founder of the Ahead Together Conference, has a quick update on the next event.

Details of the next Ahead Together Conference have now been confirmed. Please visit the link below to find out more and secure your place!

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