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Here for you when scoliosis surgery goes wrong

When scoliosis surgery goes wrong, it can cause life-changing injuries up to and including paralysis. When that happens, we're on your side.

As spinal cord injury claim specialists, we understand the particular challenges that these injuries bring, and what is needed to get your life back – as close as possible – to how it was before the negligence. Additionally, our team sees a claim both as an opportunity to secure your future and to throw a spotlight on vital patient safety lessons for medical institutions. These cases are an opportunity, often missed by clinicians, for people to learn from their errors and avoid further instances of negligent care.

When might someone have a claim for scoliosis surgery negligence?

There are a few ways in which negligence can lead to an injury during scoliosis surgery, namely:

  • a failure to properly monitor the spinal cord using Somatosensory Evoked Potentials (SSEPs) or Motor Evoked Potentials (MEPs) at the anterior and posterior spinal cord level, which can give an early warning of compression and damage to the cord that can lead to paralysis;
  • a failure to adequately monitor blood pressure and/or blood loss during the operation, which can also lead to damage to the spinal cord;
  • a failure to adequately correct the spinal curvature;
  • a lack of investigation before, during or even after the operation, using MRI or ‘bending x-rays’, to identify any congenital issues or other problems which could affect the outcome of the operation.
  • misplaced pedicle screws, which can cause post-operative pain;
  • painful impingement on other structures in the body.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you have to make a claim?

You may not be considering a claim directly after the event – in some cases, patients aren’t aware there may have been negligence until sometime after their operation.

If this is the case, there is no need to be concerned; either you have three years to bring a claim, from the alleged negligence having taken place, or from the date you became aware that it occurred. However, it is advisable to contact a solicitor as soon as possible to discuss your options.

It is worth knowing that if you are bringing a claim for a child, however, you have until their 21st birthday to make a claim. Furthermore, if you are claiming on behalf of an adult with mental difficulties there is no time limit.

How much compensation might you receive for a scoliosis surgery negligence claim?

The amount of compensation you receive for a negligent scoliosis surgery will depend entirely on the injuries you have suffered as a result. Your level of injury will have impacted upon your pain, suffering and even your financial losses, which are all taken into account as part of the calculation.

How can you pay for a claim?

We often work on the basis of a Conditional Fee Agreement, commonly known as ‘no win, no fee’ funding, which means that should your claim be unsuccessful there will be nothing for you to pay in legal fees. However, we do have other options available.

How long will a claim take to conclude?

We strive to bring all our clients’ cases to a conclusion as quickly as possible. However, for some of the most complex cases, the process can take years to settle or reach trial; especially if the defendant denies liability.

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