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You’ll know chronic pain can affect every area of your life. Doctors, insurance companies, employers and even lawyers, may misunderstand your condition. Getting specialist legal advice for a chronic pain claim is therefore essential.

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Doctors. Insurance companies. Employers. Even lawyers may misunderstand your condition. We won't.

If you suffer from chronic pain you’ll know it can affect every area of your personal and work life. You might find that doctors, insurance companies, employers and even lawyers misunderstand your condition. Getting specialist legal advice for a chronic pain claim is therefore essential.

You may have developed chronic pain following a road traffic collision, a cycling accident, an accident at work.

There aren’t many lawyers with knowledge or expertise of this complex area. However we have a team of specialists, including lawyers independently recognised for their record in dealing with all types of chronic pain compensation claims. Our team will take a sensitive and empathetic approach to your concerns.

You’ll also benefit from our links with specialist, experienced medical experts and pain management centres. They’ll work with you and our specialist team to achieve the best result for your claim. We don’t stop there, though. Going beyond your claim, we’ll help you secure long-term rehabilitation to improve your quality of life.

Despite the lack of an apparent cause, the sensation of pain is physical and very real to the sufferer. This condition can be worsened by intrusive and unpleasant memories of the accident. If left untreated, it can cause severe distress and long-term disability.

Psychological factors often impact upon the level of pain suffered and the sufferer often ends up in a vicious circle of pain and psychological issues which can cause the level of pain experienced to increase.

Finding the right legal support

Due to the imprecise nature of this illness, it is crucial that the right experts are instructed.  This area of personal injury litigation is extremely complex and requires expert understanding and analysis of the medical evidence. Insurance companies are generally suspicious about cases where an expert cannot explain the symptoms of an injury or conclusively attribute them to the accident. In the absence of a perceived ‘orthodox’ explanation, insurers may refuse to accept that symptoms have been caused by the accident at all. As a result, any compensation offered might be substantially less than had the injury been straightforward.  It is important that anyone who suffers from chronic pain instructs a solicitor who understands the mechanics and will fight the corner for the chronic pain sufferer.

We have an experienced team who are able to identify chronic pain cases at an early stage and ensure appropriate experts are instructed to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

How long do you have to bring a claim?

A claim must usually be submitted to court within three years of the date of the accident.

The court has overriding discretion to allow court proceedings to start after the primary limitation period has passed.

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“I unfortunately suffered a significant injury at work which resulted in me suffering chronic pain. I was unaware of how much aid I needed and without the help from Louise Hart and her team I wouldn’t have had access to any of the treatments that I have received and continue to receive. I feel throughout the whole experience my well-being was kept at the forefront of Louise’s mind. 10/10 honest, respectful, hardworking, informative and as previously mentioned I believe your interests are at the forefront”.

Jack Copsey-Blake
Chronic pain client
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