Pragmatic solutions for your property disputes

Our team of property dispute lawyers are here to advise you. Let us talk you through your options for a practical and straightforward property dispute resolution.

We have experience in dealing with a wide range of property disputes.

Whether you are a land owner, own commercial property or have a residential property portfolio, our team of specialist property dispute solicitors can assist. Whatever your situation, you can rely on our property dispute lawyers to give clear, decisive and pragmatic advice from start to finish.

  • Rights over land

    Property rights can include access, water, light and drainage – all are crucial to the enjoyment of land and its value. Your rights and obligations are a valuable asset that you’ll want to protect.

  • Boundary disputes

    Defining boundaries legally and on the ground can be difficult and time-consuming for a landowner. Our experts can clearly define your boundaries and protect your commercial interests.

  • Covenants

    We can help you navigate the complexities of any covenants that may be limiting your commercial freedom, or help support the defence of one that may be crucial to your business.

  • Squatters

    If a ‘squatter’ takes control of your land for long enough they can apply to become the owner. We know how to free your property from squatters in a fast, pragmatic and dignified way.

  • Joint ownership issues

    As experts in joint ownerships we can help support through any disputes, and can help you to reach an agreement in a fast and cost effective manner. We can also advise on the writing of joint ownership agreements to avoid costly disputes.

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