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An injury caused by sepsis could be temporary or life changing – either way, if the condition was missed due to negligence, you may have a claim for compensation.

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Our expert solicitors are on your side when you've experienced negligent treatment of sepsis.

In order to make a legal claim against a hospital or your GP for failure to recognise and treat sepsis, you should speak with a specialist lawyer (like us) who will be able to advise you of whether you have reasonable grounds to pursue a claim for negligence.

When you bring a claim with us, you can expect more than just legal support. Our team sees any potential claim both as an opportunity to secure your and your family’s future, and to throw a spotlight on vital patient safety lessons for medical institutions, avoiding others going through what you have.

We will build a team around you, using a network of medical experts to get you the right care and support you need to move forward with your life.

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What is the process when making a claim?

The process of making a claim for sepsis negligence starts by obtaining all of the relevant medical records to discover exactly what happened and the advice and treatment that was given. We take it from there.

It is very rare to go to trial and most cases settle before any trial takes place.

How much compensation might you receive?

The amount of compensation you will receive will depend on the nature of your injuries. If the sepsis has left you with a permanent and severe injury, the level of compensation is often very high, as it will need to provide for all of your additional needs for the rest of your life.

These can include costs relating to:

• your ongoing care;
• changes required to accommodation;
• therapies and equipment you need;
• any loss of earnings you have suffered.

How long will a claim for sepsis negligence take?

Bringing a claim for negligent treatment of sepsis can take a number of years. However the time it takes will depend upon the nature of the injury and whether the defendant contests the claim or not.

Sometimes it is possible to obtain an interim payment from the defendant to pay for initial therapies and rehabilitation before the claim is settled. We will always explore this option if available.

Will there be anything to pay for a claim?

When the claim is being made on behalf of a new-born baby then it may be possible to secure public funding for the claim from the Legal Aid Agency, in which case there will be nothing for you to pay. Otherwise, all other cases are funded by way of a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) which is often referred to as a ‘no win no fee agreement’.

When a CFA is in place, you will pay nothing if you lose your case. If you win your case, the defendant will pay for the majority of our costs with a small proportion deducted from your compensation for our fees.

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