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Opinion  |  21:02:24
The unknown future penalty: why spousal maintenance should not be capped after a set time period
How much is a reasonable amount of spousal maintenance to pay to a spouse with a lesser or zero income, and for how long should it be paid?  These are questions put before local...
News  |  21:02:24
Sponsor licence revocation: High Court ruling suggests mandatory grounds for revocation should allow for element of discretion
As all sponsors should be aware, having a sponsor licence means complying with various sponsor duties and a breach can lead to the Home Office revoking the licence. Two recent cases have dealt with...
News  |  21:02:24
New rules on automatic renewals of sponsorship licences.
Recently, employers licenced to bring skilled workers from overseas will have noted the government’s announcements on the new rules on minimum salaries for sponsored workers. This will doubtless have brought a significant degree of trepidation amongst some employers as to the consequences of these changes.
Case Study  |  20:02:24
£300,000 for former painter and decorator with mesothelioma, with private treatment Order.
RWK Goodman’s expert mesothelioma asbestos claims team was instructed to investigate a claim on behalf of Ken after his diagnosis of mesothelioma. Ken had been suffering with shortness of breath and an x-ray identified...
Case Study  |  20:02:24
£210,000 for a former Royal Mail employee with sarcomatoid mesothelioma.
James’s mesothelioma was discovered after he was given two courses of antibiotics for a chest infection, with no improvement. Due to his additional symptoms of breathlessness, he underwent a chest CT scan in August...
Opinion  |  19:02:24
Living with cauda equina syndrome – things you might need to know.
Our spinal injury negligence team explain what you need to know if you've recently been diagnosed with cauda equina syndrome.
Opinion  |  19:02:24
Informed consent in childbirth – what you need to know.
Consent is a core principle of any medical care, not least maternity care. Our expert maternal injury solicitors are here to explain your rights to informed consent during childbirth.
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Case Study  |  19:02:24
Supporting our local communities – Southside Family Project
As a people focused firm, we are committed to delivering the best outcomes and having a positive impact – for our colleagues, clients and communities.
Opinion  |  19:02:24
The ATOMIC-Meso Trial – Is there finally a breakthrough treatment for patients diagnosed with mesothelioma?
The results from the clinical trial led by Professor Peter Szlosarek at Queen Mary University of London have been described as a “breakthrough” in the treatment of mesothelioma, an asbestos-related cancer, but what is...
Opinion  |  16:02:24
Increase in minimum salary for migrant workers
In December the Home Office announced what became the most fiercely debated reform on business migration to the UK since the Brexit negotiations.
Opinion  |  14:02:24
Encephalitis – Warning signs, Causation, Treatment & Support
Encephalitis is a serious, and sometimes life threatening or life changing, condition in which the brain becomes swollen. Unfortunately, if left undiagnosed or untreated, it can leave people with significant brain damage and even life-changing disabilities.
Opinion  |  14:02:24
Is a perineal tear serious? What you need to know and when you may have a claim
Perineal tears from childbirth are common. However, they are usually minor with no long term impact to mums. When you’ve experienced a serious perineal tear though, the impact can be life-changing. We’re here to...
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