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It can be extremely hard to find a way out of an abusive relationship. So getting the right support at the right time is key. We are on your side, and will work hard to get you where you want - and need - to be.

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Our considerate, knowledgeable team approaches every case with great care and attention to detail. We help victims of domestic abuse fast.

Our first priority is safety. We aim first to remove the threat of further harm, abuse or intimidation. This is often achieved through an emergency non-molestation court order, removing the immediate threat, or by obtaining an occupation order to remove your abusive partner’s rights to live in your home for a period of time.

Our domestic abuse solicitors have helped many people in your situation. They will work with the utmost sensitivity to provide protection for you quickly.

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Worried about funding?

We are normally in a position to confirm to you whether you are entitled to legal aid by discussing your circumstances and reviewing certain financial documents.

Provided certain criteria set by the Legal Aid Agency are met, you may be entitled to free public funded legal assistance.


Frequently asked questions about domestic abuse

"What is domestic abuse?"

Domestic abuse is the term used to describe unacceptable and inappropriate verbal, physical, sexual, emotional and psychological behaviour from one person towards another. This abuse may involve an element of control, for example, of finances or of a person’s time and actions. It may be threatened and will not necessarily involve a physical act. Harassment commonly includes offensive and unwelcome phones calls, emails/letters, verbal comments and messages posted on social networking sites.

"I think I and my children are in danger – can you help?"

Depending on your circumstances, we can help you by providing an individual or a group of individuals, with an appropriate written warning. If more drastic action is needed for your safety and protection, then we can help you make an application for one of the following orders:

  • Non Molestation Order

    This would prevent an abusive/violent person from molesting you and/or your children.

  • An Occupation Order

    This would exclude an individual from a property and state that you can live there for a specified period.

  • A Prohibited Steps Order

    This would forbid another person who has parental responsibility for your children from removing them from your care, in a situation where there have been threats to remove them.

“Will legal aid be available to me?”

As a victim of domestic abuse, you can be entitled to public funding. You may need to provide some evidence of the fact that you have suffered domestic abuse. Access to legal aid depends on your financial circumstances – we can assess your position and let you know whether you qualify. We will need to see copies of certain financial documents (e.g. bank statements, welfare benefit awards letters, etc.).

“I am being/have been forced to marry somebody against my will – can you help?”

For your safety and protection, we can assist you in applying for a Forced Marriage Protection Order. This order is to protect a person who is being threatened with a forced marriage or is already in one. It is designed to protect a person according to individual circumstances, e.g. to stop someone from being taken out of the UK.

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