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Technology is everywhere. Evolving all the time. In an ever interconnected world, our technology team are here to respond to legal challenges presented by the pace of change.

Technology and media lawyers

In a sector where progress outpaces the law, we bring solutions for now and into the future.

You press forward with your ideas, grow them into a bigger and more sustainable business, and we’ll take care of the legal side.

Commercial decisions go hand in hand with legal issues. There are legal risks to mitigate. There are agreements with others to be drafted. There’s funding to secure. Our tech specialists advise you on how best to protect your business.

First things first, we get to know you. We work with you, not simply for you. Every step of the way, we are on your team, available to give you expert, solution-lead advice, when you need it.

Our tech sector expertise

  • Apps and software

    Developing a mobile app or a complicated platform is a creative challenge. It doesn’t need to be a legal one as well. Let our team advise you on the agreements with third party developers through to the end user terms needed for the use of your software.

  • Data protection and privacy

    Your data is your asset. It’s getting more valuable by the day. And the legal landscape around it is getting more complicated. We’ll navigate the legals, and hold your hand when you suffer a data breach.

  • Media & Entertainment Industries

    We live and breathe media and creative industries. Whether you’re in broadcast, digital or print media, content creation, publishing, or marketing services, we are adept at handling your legal, regulatory and contractual issues.

  • Funding

    All businesses need funding. High growth tech businesses often need more than most, to get that great idea off the ground or support its development in the market. Initial rounds, further investment rounds, all the way through to eventual exit – our specialist team will be in your corner through it all.

  • Intellectual property

    Patents to license. Brands to protect. Know-how to exploit. Our team will advise you on how best to protect your ideas, and draft the commercial agreements to realise their full potential.

  • Protecting confidential information

    Trade secrets and other confidential information are often your key assets; the ones that let you stay ahead of the pack. Our tech team – made up of commercial, dispute and employment lawyers – will know how to protect your secrets.

Data Breaches - When, Not If

We come into contact with clients’ cyber and data protection issues every day and understand the profound effect they have on businesses, reputations and livelihoods.

For an SME, it is all too easy to dismiss cyber incidents and data breaches. Too often, these are seen as issues that only affect much larger entities or organisations that hold certain types of special category data. “It’s not going to affect us” is a very dangerous mindset. In this day and age, a data breach is a question of when, not if.

Read our report to find out how businesses can reduce the risk.

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