Legal assistance for family farm partnerships

You may want to transfer control of your farm or estate over to a family member. A family partnership lets you share or transfer control slowly, so the new owner has time to learn the ropes. It offers Inheritance Tax relief for both generations too.

Protect your hard-earned wealth

You have worked hard to ensure your business is a success, so you want to be sure that it stays in safe hands when it is transferred over.

Our team are some of the most experienced in the field. We help farmers and land owners consider all the issues involved in setting up a family partnership or farm trust.

  • The choice of trustees

    It is vital that you choose the right trustees for your farm, whether the trust comes into force on your death or during your lifetime. We take you through the options so you can select suitable professionals or family members who can guide and control the family business in the future.

  • A flexible solution

    Perhaps your family has not yet decided who will inherit the farm. Or the heir may not be ready to take over control just yet. Either way, setting up a family partnership gives you greater flexibility for the future. Why is it a flexible solution?

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