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If you are named as an executor, obtaining probate will usually be part one of the first things you have to do. We can help to ease this burden at what may be a difficult and emotional time by helping you to get this first stage completed.

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Obtaining probate can feel like a complicated process, at a time when you may already be dealing with many other stresses and concerns.

It is likley a Grant of Probate or a Grant of Letters of Administration is needed, and must be obtained before you or the executor can administer an estate. Until that point, the assets in the Will are frozen. We can explain how to obtain probate and can address all your questions.

We can help you find out whether there is an executor named in the Will, or whether an administrator needs to be appointed instead. We will also be able to take you through all the documents you need while you’re administering the estate.

We can also help you assess the value of the estate, and find out if there are any tax liabilities such as Inheritance Tax or Capital Gains Tax.

Obtaining probate is the first step and we are on hand to do this for you. We can then discuss the next steps and if you need our assistance with this too. Contact us today for a no obligation discussion and get the process started.

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