Employee exits
Employee exits

Exiting an employee from your business.

Employment relationships break down for a variety of reasons. We provide strategic and pragmatic advice on exiting an employee from your business.

Severance packages and settlement agreements

Whatever the reason for wanting to exit an employee from your business, our specialist employment lawyers can help you handle the process by providing you with strategic advice for successfully exiting an employee with minimal disruption to your business.

Our goal is to get the best commercial outcome for your business and avoid time-consuming and expensive employment tribunal claims in the process.

Our team of specialist employment lawyers don’t just understand the law; we take time to understand your business and how you work.

So although we can advise you on the correct process to follow when dismissing an employee, this may not be the approach that meets your needs as it can take time, and may not fit with your commercial objectives. In these cases we work with you to find creative solutions and build a strategy to help you achieve your preferred outcome, which will often include negotiating a settlement agreement with your employee(s). Throughout the process we advise you on taking steps to mitigate risk along the way.

We advise you on negotiating severance packages and agreeing settlement terms to protect your business interests. This includes, if required, advice on how to approach a ‘protected conversation’ or a without prejudice discussion, to maximise your chances of reaching a great outcome.

Our team are also extremely experienced in drafting Settlement Agreements incorporating the agreed settlement terms between your business and the exiting employee, giving you peace of mind for the future.

We believe it’s important to produce the agreement that best suits your business, rather than a one-size fits all approach. Our advice ranges from drafting bespoke restrictive covenants, to ensuring termination payments are structured in the correct way, to terms that enable you to recover payments from the employee if they breach the agreement.

If you would like further information about what our team of specialist employment lawyers can do to help you manage employee exits, please contact us.

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Employee exit
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