Insurance disputes claims

It is crucial that businesses are able to use insurance claims as a way of recovering lost revenue which will, in some cases, be key to their survival.

Legal advice for insurance disputes.

When you are relying on a policy to provide security, we understand how devastating it can be if an insurer rejects your claim.

Insurance exists to protect you and your business in a time of financial need. We are here to advise and support you and your business. Our aim is to help you achieve the cover that your policy should be providing.

We assist with all types of claims, including property damages claims, business interruptions claims, or professional negligence cover.

We have a wealth of experience of dealing with insurance disputes and can assist with analysing and challenging any wording on which an insurer has relied to decline cover or reduce any payment due under a policy, as well as challenging the basis on which any payment is calculated.

We aim to achieve a prompt resolution with legal proceedings being a last resort.

How is your claim funded?

If you have concerns about how to fund your claim, the important thing to do is to contact us. We offer many competitive pricing arrangements to suit your needs, including through our Panel Fee rates, Conditional Fee Agreements (where appropriate), or via our in-house Third Party Funding and After the Event Insurance Facility.

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Business Interruption Insurance (BII)

We have seen a marked increase in BII claims. Our specialist team can offer a free initial review to assess the merit of your claim.

How we can help with your Business Interruption Insurance dispute.

The Financial Conduct Authority ran a test case in light of resistance from insurers which was decided in the Supreme Court largely in favour of policyholders. The judgment is not all encompassing and those who have been affected will need to review the wording of their policies to establish whether they can bring a successful claim.

Insurers have been encouraged to pay out but are not doing so in all cases. There could be several reasons for this. Where cover has been refused, we can explore your options. If there are issues with your insurance, a broker or other professional who provided advice on your policy may also be called into question. With the Financial Ombudsman Service also available, there are a number of options to consider for policyholders seeking redress.

We can help to make sense of your claim

We understand that for many businesses funding a dispute with your insurer might be difficult, our specialist team can offer a free initial review to assess the merit of your claim.

For those businesses that have been or are unfortunately unable to make it through the recent challenges, our experts can also advise insolvency practitioners about claims that might be available to realise sums for the benefit of creditors.

Talk to our experts today, and we can begin to help.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution
Alternative Dispute Resolution offers a flexible forum for the resolution of disputes. Matters referred to ADR usually conclude more cost effectively and considerably quicker than litigation through the courts.
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Data protection
Data is key to modern day life, with more and more information being generated and held by businesses in both digital and physical form.
Insurance dispute claims
It is crucial that businesses are able to use insurance claims as a way of recovering lost revenue which will, in some cases, be key to their survival.
Insolvency & Restructuring
Our team can assist corporate and individual clients with a variety of financial issues giving commercial, practical advice. They engage with leading insolvency practitioners across the full spectrum of insolvency and restructuring scenarios.
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International dispute resolution
International organisations with disputes in overseas markets and businesses and individuals with overseas operations and assets need lawyers who are experienced in managing cross-border disputes.
Litigation funding options
Litigation can be expensive. You may not have the means to pursue a claim or you may prefer not to lock-up funds in legal fees. Litigation funding can assist.
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