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Your family GP is normally the first port of call when you’re worried about your health. But if your GP lets you down the consequences can be serious. When that happens, we're here to help.

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Here when you've experienced GP negligence.

Delays in diagnosis. Missed opportunities for treatment or surgery. Whatever has happened to you, we're on your side.

Often GP compensation claims relate to a failure to diagnose an injury or a condition promptly, if at all. Such delays in diagnosis and treatment can lead to additional pain and worry for you until the proper diagnosis is reached. In more serious cases it can lead to a significantly worse outcome for you, for example as you have missed a window of opportunity for optimal treatment or surgery. In the worst cases, for example where the GP failed to diagnose cancer promptly, the delay can be fatal.

Where a GP has provided substandard treatment and it’s led to a worse outcome for you, you’re entitled to claim for compensation to get your life back on track.

Making a claim for GP negligence

In order to make a claim, the injury – or your knowledge of the negligence – will need to have occurred in the last three years. There are exceptions to this though, which you can find out more about here.

From the outset we will guide you through the process and strive for answers on your behalf. Our dedicated team has specialist experience in GP negligence claims of this type. We will investigate your legal claim thoroughly to find out what went wrong and to find out what we can do to put things right.

As we do this, we will assess your needs and the pain and suffering you have experienced, and seek the maximum level of compensation you can receive for your injury. You can find out more about how this is done here.

We know you may have concerns about investigating the treatment you received because you have known your GP for a long time. We’ll examine the medical evidence and will advance your claim with efficiency and sensitivity.

Depending on the injury you have received the process may take a number of years, however we will advance the claim as quickly as possible.

Funding your claim

Often people are concerned that the process of making a claim will be expensive. However this couldn’t be further from the truth and we have a range of funding options for claims, the most popular of which is a ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement. As the name suggests, our legal fees will be paid from your compensation and you will not be charged if the claim is unsuccessful.

  • No Win No Fee funding available
  • We can help find the right support for you
  • Offices serving all of England & Wales
  • Track record of successful claims

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