Energy broker mis-selling

If your business uses an energy broker to find you the best deal for your gas and electricity, you may have been mis-sold to.

Expert advice for energy broker mis-selling.

If your business uses an energy broker to find you the best deal for your gas and electricity contracts from suppliers, you may have been mis-sold to.

If you suspect that your energy contract has been mis-sold then we can work quickly to determine the facts.

Our team of expert litigators can assist with reviewing the energy contracts you have signed up to and, if there is evidence of mis-selling, bring legal action against the broker or supplier to recover any hidden commission and overpriced energy bills. Contact us and we can discuss the next steps.

Did you sign a letter of authority (LOA)?

In many cases, brokers will have asked the customer to sign a LOA which gives them permission to request information on your behalf. At the outset, the broker may need to ask your existing supplier for information about your current contracts and energy usage. As the suppliers will only deal with their customer or someone properly authorised by them, asking for permission to request information on your behalf is perfectly legitimate.

However, you should be wary of any form of authority where you are being asked to give the broker permission to enter into contracts on your behalf, known as a ‘Level 2’ LOA. If a Level 2 LOA been given, the broker effectively has free reign to commit your business to any supply contract of its choosing, which means there is a risk they could have signed you up to a contract which is most beneficial for them, without having to check with you first.

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The tell-tale signs your business has been mis-sold an energy contract

In this guide we explore some of the tell-tale signs that may suggest your business has been mis-sold a commercial energy contract.

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