capacity care and court of protection
capacity care and court of protection

Legal support for capacity, care & court of protection

Expert legal help in how to deal with loss of capacity and arrange Court of Protection deputyships.

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It’s a sad fact that, as we’re all living longer, there’s more chance we will suffer from conditions such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. It can be frightening and upsetting if it happens to you – as well as distressing for your family. The good news is it’s possible to plan ahead to ease some of the worry. We can help you take steps now so your affairs will be managed should the need arise.

You may already be caring for an elderly relative or someone with a serious illness or injury, or perhaps you want to put in place some measures to protect your own interests should you no longer be in a position to do so yourself.

Whatever your reasoning, we have the experience and knowledge to help protect your interests, so you can have confidence that whatever the future may hold, you are in the strongest and most protected position.

Discover some of our key services below, or talk to a member of our team today about how they can help you.

  • Appointing a deputy

    Your loved one may already have chosen someone to act as their attorney by setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) or Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA). However, if they haven’t appointed an attorney, you may want to think about appointing a deputy to look after their affairs instead. You could apply to the Court of Protection to be a deputy yourself if you feel you are the best person for the role. We can help you apply for Court of Protection deputyship.

  • Applying to the Court of Protection

    The Court of Protection is designed to protect people who cannot make decisions for themselves because of mental incapacity. The Court can appoint a deputy to look after a particular person’s financial or medical interests, and can also decide on issues such as tax planning and Statutory Wills. We have a well-established relationship with them and can help you set up a Court of Protection deputyship with the minimum of fuss.

  • Reducing your stress

    It can be heartbreaking watching someone you love lose their ability to make decisions about their life. As Court of Protection solicitors, our aim is to take away some of the pressures and strains. If you do not wish to act as Deputy yourself, our trust corporation – RWK Goodman Trustees Limited – may be able to act as a deputy, which will let you concentrate on caring for your loved one.

  • Statutory Wills

    Sometimes a person’s circumstances change once they have lost capacity to manage money for themselves. This may mean that their current Will arrangements are no longer suitable for them or may not acknowledge the people that expect to inherit something following their reduced capacity. If so, a Court of Protection application may be needed, and our specialist solicitors for the elderly can help.

  • Court of Protection disputes

    Sometimes families do not agree on decisions made on behalf of their loved one. These decisions may be to do with anything from who should be appointed as Deputy, to where their loved one should live. In this situation, it is important that you receive the advice from experienced mental capacity solicitors, to ensure that your views are represented.

  • Lasting power of attorney (LPA)

    You may also be concerned about not becoming a burden to your family in later life. By setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney, you can be sure that someone else can look after your affairs in the future should the need arise. We can explain how to go about setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney so you can put plans in place.

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