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We are confident in all aspects of probate and estate administration and understand the challenges you are facing. By working together, we are there to provide as much detail as you need, and help with any problems or questions at any stage.

We can handle all aspects of probate and estate administration

At RWK Goodman we are able to assist with any problems or questions you may have and if you are not sure where to begin then simply contact us as we can help to make sense of it all. However if you know what you are looking for then you can find more information below.

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Estate Administration

Let us help take away the burden and worry of estate administration. We have designed our service to be quick and stress free, whilst keeping you informed every step of the way.

Applying for probate

Before you can administer an estate, in most cases you will need a grant of probate. We can help you apply for and obtain probate. You can then chose to administer the estate yourself, or ask us to help you.

If someone dies without a will

Our solicitors regularly assist in estates where someone has dies without a will. We can help create clarity and handle all the steps to ensure that the assets are divided correctly.

Property transfer

If an estate requires a transfer of equity in the form of a property transfer then our solicitors are able do this for you. A property often forms the largest part of an Estate and we can help make the transfer quick and efficient.

Help with tax implications

We understand all the tax implications you might face and your concerns around how much to pay. We manage the complexities of your tax liabilities to reach a speedy and satisfactory solution.

Our services in Wills, Trusts and Estates

How we can help to protect you and your loved ones

If somebody dies without leaving a Will or their Will is not valid then this is known as dying intestate. At RWK Goodman we can provide legal advice on intestacy and how this may affect an inheritance.
Estate administration
If you’ve been named as the executor of an estate, or you are involved in estate administration, you can find yourself facing lots of issues you’ve never had to deal with before. We’re here to offer professional advice and support.
Obtaining probate
If you are named as an executor, obtaining probate will usually be part one of the first things you have to do. We can help to ease this burden at what may be a difficult and emotional time by helping you to get this first stage completed.
Transfer of equity
There are many reasons why a transfer of equity might take place, but the one thing you will find is that the transfer of equity can be complicated and have serious financial consequences if done incorrectly.
Contested Wills, Trusts and Inheritance
Disputes around wills and inheritance can be charged with emotion. That is why you need to have a legal team on your side who are emotionally attuned to what you are going through, with a high success rate.
Tax and Trusts
Whatever your stage of life, and however you plan to manage your estate, we can put in place tax and trust structures to suit your immediate and future needs.
Trust administration
Trusts are designed to protect assets for yourself or a chosen beneficiary. Our dedicated trust administration team know how to protect and maximise a trust’s potential.
Updating your Will
With a Will in place, you can be confident that your assets will go to the people you intended – without leaving them any unnecessary burdens, worries, or unwanted surprises.
Will writing solicitors
With a Will in place, you can be confident that your assets will go to the people you intended – without leaving them any unnecessary burdens, worries, or unwanted surprises.
How much does probate cost?
We do not believe that the legal costs of a probate solicitor should be a source of uncertainty, especially when managing someone’s estate after they’ve died.
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