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commercial lawyers

Commercial lawyers

Successful outcomes by becoming an extension of clients’ teams.

Our Commercial offering

Understanding your business and delivering results.

Businesses need to consider legal issues when making critical commercial decisions.

Whether it’s regulation compliance to apply or agreements that you need to draft, our commercial lawyers can advise on how to protect and grow your business.

We believe that the key to a successful outcome for our clients is to deeply understand your businesses, most importantly your commercial and strategic objectives.

Our sector lead approach gives us depth of knowledge in our specialist fields, so we can give our clients insights into the markets in which they operate as well as legal advice.

Our main areas of expertise include:

  • Data protection and privacy

    In a world where data is fast becoming an increasingly valuable asset for businesses, our team can help you navigate the ever changing legal landscape and remain compliant .

  • Health and Social Care

    Our team of market leading experts advise care providers and care home operators on all aspects of their business, including all commercial agreements care providers need to run their business.

  • Intellectual property

    Whether you have a patent that you want to license, a brand you want to protect or know-how you want to exploit, our team can advise you on how best to protect your ideas and the commercial agreements needed to realise their commercial potential.

  • Joint Ventures and Collaborations

    Whether you are looking to set up a formal joint venture with a key partner, an MoU or a commercial collaboration to work more closely with another business, our team can advise on the best structure and documents you need to bring the relationship to life.

  • Supply of Goods and Services

    Whether you are selling off the shelf goods or bespoke goods or services, our team can advise on the terms you need to protect your business.

  • Tech and Innovation

    Our specialist team can advise businesses across the technology sector on how to protect their innovations and the agreements they need to exploit, with a particular interest in hard-tech and software platforms.

Data Breaches - When, Not If

We come into contact with clients’ cyber and data protection issues every day and understand the profound effect they have on businesses, reputations and livelihoods.

For an SME, it is all too easy to dismiss cyber incidents and data breaches. Too often, these are seen as issues that only affect much larger entities or organisations that hold certain types of special category data. “It’s not going to affect us” is a very dangerous mindset. In this day and age, a data breach is a question of when, not if.

Read our report to find out how businesses can reduce the risk.

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