Separation and divorce solicitors

Whether you are going through a separation or divorce we recognise that this will be exceptionally stressful at any stage of your life.

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Divorce and separation solicitors

Obtaining a divorce can be fairly straightforward, however achieving your financial settlement needs careful consideration and professional advice. It is important to consider the implications and how these changes can impact on you and your loved ones. By taking our advice at an early stage you can be better prepared. This can help to protect you and your family, and safeguard your future interests.

Every case is different and our advice will be tailored to meet your needs and priorities. Our experienced lawyers will explore what approach is right for you. Whether your situation is capable of being resolved by mutual cooperation directly with your ex partner or if you would benefit from a referral to mediation or a collaborative approach; our aim will always be to try to obtain your divorce or separation and the financial settlement amicably and minimise your legal fees. Although sometimes a court application will be necessary in a divorce if there are complexities or an unusual point of law.

Support for your finances

We have experience dealing with assets of high value or modest. The family home and pensions will always need careful consideration and you may need guidance on maintenance issues. A case may involve a family business, farm, trusts or assets located abroad. Whatever your circumstances, we will guide you with straightforward and pragmatic advice to help achieve the best outcome for you and your family.


Frequently asked questions of our divorce specialists

Does it have to be contentious?

No, we will always aim to keep your divorce proceedings from becoming contentious.

What does it cost?

Concerns about money can often result in nothing being done, which in the long term can often become more costly.

If you want to discuss an issue involving family law, but you are concerned about the financial implications the most important thing to do is to contact us first.

Enquiring with our team is completely free and there is never any obligation to proceed. We can discuss the wide range of financial options with you and come to an arrangement that suits you and your unique needs.

Read more about our funding options here, or contact the team now.

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Funding matters should not be a barriers to you getting in touch. There are many options available to suit all budgets and we can talk you through any options or concerns in a no obligation discussion. Read more about our flexible funding options or contact us today.

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