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There are many reasons why a transfer of equity might take place, but the one thing you will find is that the transfer of equity can be complicated and have serious financial consequences if done incorrectly.

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There are many reasons why you may need to change ownership of a property via a transfer of equity.

We can help manage the transfer of equity process for you. Our team not only understand how to transfer equity quickly, they also know how to maximise the value of your asset though tax efficiencies.

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You may be faced with a complex financial situation when dealing with a Will. We can simplify the banking arrangements so that the estate accounts can be produced easily and cost-effectively. We can also work with other professionals to help you maximise the value of the estate when you’re selling a home – or stocks and shares.

A fully rounded solution

Once you have transferred equity we are also able to take care of all the other details too. For instance, you’ll have to make sure that your Will now reflects the change in equity. At RWK Goodman, we are here to help you stay protected against these liabilities. Our multi-disciplinary team are always on hand to help you stay ahead of the curve.

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