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Opinion  |  16:03:23
Can ChatGPT be a lawyer? What you need to know about AI-generated content and the law
In recent years, artificial intelligence has served as a disruptor to many industries and the arrival of ChatGPT has added fuel to the disruption. ChatGPT is a large language model developed by OpenAI. The...
Podcast  |  09:03:23
Crypto fraud – red flags and how to take action when you’ve been scammed | Legal Thinking Podcast
 You can also listen to our podcast on your podcast platform of choice – find it here > Welcome to this episode. This time we’re talking crypto fraud with Head of Dispute Resolution...
Podcast  |  23:02:23
Could AI replace lawyers? – and other implications of AI chatbots | Legal Thinking Podcast
 You can also listen to our podcast on your podcast platform of choice – find it here > Welcome to this episode. In today’s episode, we are talking about AI and the law...
Boy with VR headset looks into the metaverse
Opinion  |  07:03:22
Policing the metaverse – the legal landscape of a truly digital realm.
Just as the creation of the internet baffled and intrigued people upon its launch, so too now with the metaverse.  The scope of the internet’s capabilities took time to be realised and utilised and the same can be expected of the exploitation of this new platform.  So, what is it, and what are the legal challenges that could surface?
Opinion  |  09:12:21
Nuisance Messages in the spotlight
On 19 November 2021, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport’s (DCMS) consultation, ‘Data: a new direction’, closed.
Opinion  |  23:11:21
A detailed review of Lloyd v Google: what does it mean and what next for claims management companies?
The Supreme Court handed down judgment in Lloyd v Google LLC [2021] UKSC 50 on 10 November 2021. This is a seminal decision which provides that damages for alleged data breaches cannot be claimed without proving actual financial loss or distress. The Court also set out the evidence needed to assess compensation where damage had been suffered.
Opinion  |  11:11:21
Data breach claims – the Supreme Court has spoken in Lloyd v Google
The Supreme Court handed down judgment in the case of Lloyd v Google LLC on 10 November 2021, finding in favour of Google. This decision will have a significant impact on claims management companies and brings good news for data controllers.
Opinion  |  19:08:21
Data breach litigation – What now for claims management companies?
The High Court has recently handed down judgment in the case of Darren Lee Warren v DSG Retail Limited [2021] EWHC 2168 (QB), a decision that may reduce the growing number of data breach litigation by claims management companies (“CMCs”).
Opinion  |  01:07:21
Data Armageddon averted!
The European Commission has formally adopted the adequacy decisions that will enable organisations to transfer data between the EEA and the UK without the need for additional safeguards.
Opinion  |  28:04:21
Facebook v Apple: tech giants square up over ad tracking and privacy
A forthcoming update to Apple’s iOS that has the potential to take a substantial bite out of Facebook’s ad-generated revenue has sparked a war of words between the two California-based tech giants.
Opinion  |  09:04:21
Gambling with your online terms?
We are all regularly asked to accept online terms, whether when you set up a new online account, the supplier updates their terms and prompts you to agree them or when you place an order for goods or services online. Tick the box to confirm you “agree the Terms and Conditions”. You’ll no doubt have seen such “click wrap” terms a million times (I only slightly exaggerate!)
Opinion  |  09:03:21
Digital Piracy : who’s winning the war?
The English High Court recently, for the first time, granted a website blocking order against cyberlocker and stream ripping sites, prompting the writer to question who is winning the battle between self styled champions of the free web and the intellectual property right holders?
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