Making estate administration straightforward

If you’ve been named as the executor of an estate, or you are involved in estate administration, you can find yourself facing lots of issues you’ve never had to deal with before. We’re here to offer professional advice and support.

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We can help take away the burden and the worry of estate administration, and can look after a range of services for you. From collecting assets to paying debts and making sure that beneficiaries are paid promptly, you can leave it all to us.

Dealing with tax and trusts

We can give you Inheritance Tax advice to help you benefit from all of the thresholds and relief available. We may also be able to help you minimise your own Inheritance Tax burden if you are a beneficiary in the Will. It might be that setting up a trust can be a good way to protect assets for the long-term – we can advise you on the most effective way of providing for the future.

Maximising the value of the estate

You may be faced with a complex financial situation when dealing with a Will. We can simplify the banking arrangements so that the estate accounts can be produced easily and cost-effectively. We can also work with other professionals to help you maximise the value of the estate when you’re selling a home – or stocks and shares.

Providing specialist support

Your loved one may have left foreign assets, such as a holiday home, which can lead to complications. Our estate administration team includes specialists who can deal with all aspects of foreign estate administration. We can work with lawyers abroad and provide you with Inheritance Tax advice every step of the way.

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