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Whether you are going through a separation or divorce we recognise that this will be exceptionally stressful at any stage of your life.

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Bath based separation and divorce lawyers.

By taking early advice from a member of our Bath based separation and divorce team, you can be better prepared. This can help to protect you, your family, and help to safeguard your future interests.

Obtaining a divorce can be fairly straightforward, however achieving your financial settlement needs careful consideration and professional advice. It is important to consider the implications and how these changes can impact on you and your loved ones.

Every case is different and our advice will be tailored to meet your needs and priorities.

Avoid the expense, delay, and stress of court proceedings.

We believe it is almost always best to keep family disputes out of the courts, and wherever possible we will work hard for you to avoid the expense and stress of having to do so.

Our experienced lawyers will explore what approach is right for you. Whether your situation is capable of being resolved by mutual cooperation or if you would benefit from a referral to mediation or a collaborative approach; our aim will always be to try to obtain the financial settlement which meets your expectations whilst minimising your legal fees.

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Frequently asked questions about protecting your finances in divorce.

You may be worried about how divorce may affect your finances. Our team of solicitors go through a few of the most common concerns we encounter when helping people agree upon financial issues in their divorce.

What can a solicitor do to help settle an argument over money in a divorce?

We believe in using a constructive and collaborative approach. This can save you time and money.

Divorce financial settlements need careful consideration of various and potentially sizable assets such as the family home, investments, and pensions etc. We will advise you on how the courts would divide these assets into what you may be entitled to.

Our family team can help you and your partner separate your financial lives and provide pragmatic divorce settlement advice which is fair and cost effective. We are advocates of using negotiation and discussion to achieve the best results. However, we will also be there to fully support you in court if you or your case requires. Whatever route is the most appropriate for you, we can help you to understand what you are financially entitled to in a divorce and will work hard to make sure you receive it.

Contact us today for help with settling financial disputes during divorce.

Will I receive child maintenance payments after divorce?

Maintenace payments may not be just for children. We help you understand child and spousal maintenance law.

A common question our specialist divorce solicitors are asked is “Will I receive maintenance after divorce?” This can be a very worrying issue when splitting up with your partner.

Maintenance payments can be divided into two areas:

  1. maintenance for financial support for the children, and
  2. maintenance for the spouse (husband/wife)

Whether you receive maintenance after divorce or have to pay it, will depend on the overall circumstances of your case. As well as a comparison of incomes we will also look at things like capital and savings as well the actual needs, or the future earning potential.

Talk to our team of specialist family solicitors about managing your maintenance payments.

How is the family home divided when getting divorced?

The family home should not be looked at in insolation from all the other family assets.

Your home is the centre of family life. Some of the most upsetting questions in divorce are what will happen to the family home and how are other financial assets such as savings divided in the divorce or separation process? Deciding who gets the house in a divorce can be even more complicated when there are children. This is an area that our family solicitors are adept at dealing with.

Whether you and your partner have an amicable split or not, our team of divorce lawyers can help you come to an agreement on your home, other properties or indeed any of your jointly owned assets.

Contact us today and we’ll help find a fair way to divide assets in divorce and will be there to support you with specialist advice at this difficult time.

What happens to a pension when getting divorced?

Pensions may be the most valuable asset in a divorce. We collaborate with financial experts to make sure that everything is correctly accounted for. 

The arrangements and issues surrounding pensions in divorce are naturally complex. You should not have to worry about how you’ll manage financially in retirement. This applies whether you’ve been bringing up children, building a career, or both. So how do you settle on a fair split of pensions in divorce?

Divorce pension rights can be extremely complex. As your pension may be the most valuable asset in your marriage, you’ll need to consider the split carefully.

We work closely with pension actuaries to carefully analyse each element of the ‘pension pot’ to make sure it is correctly valued. This will give you more confidence to plan your future independently. Contact us today to understand how we can help you secure your pension.

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