Your options for funding your family law case

When there are issues to resolve within a family, concerns about how legal fees can be paid should not stop you from ensuring peace of mind or your emotional wellbeing.

Concerns about money can often result in nothing being done, which in the long term can often become more costly.

If you want to discuss an issue involving family law, but you are concerned about the financial implications the most important thing to do is to contact us first.

Enquiring with our team is completely free and there is never any obligation to proceed. We can discuss the wide range of financial options with you and come to an arrangement that suits you and your unique needs.

Honest and open about costs

We’ll always be upfront and transparent with our costs. Dealing with legal matters can be stressful enough for you without having to worry about the actual cost of divorce and paying unexpected family law fees.

From the start, we’ll discuss likely costs with you and ways of paying them. To help you understand how this works we have listed a simple guide below.

Hourly rates

The majority of cases we charge an hourly rate, which will vary depending on the fee earner and the complexity of your case. We’ll be able to give you an estimate of the overall fees once we are fully aware of your circumstances.

Legal Services Orders

In some cases we can apply for an order that your spouse or partner contributes to your legal costs. This Legal Services Order can even cover the costs of attending mediation or enforcing the terms of a court order.


As a leading firm of family lawyers, we can refer you to providers of financial products that many other firms are unable to offer. These products are specifically designed for helping fund family law advice and the cost of divorce.

Fixed fee option

We may occasionally be able to deal with your case for a fixed fee for very specific pieces of work. Get in touch with us today to arrange an appointment to find out more.

‘Pay-as you go’ Simplicity service

If you just want access to advice now and again, Simplicity is straightforward and stress-free. We meet up for an hour as and when you need it. There are no phone calls, letters or emails between us unless agreed, which keeps the costs down. You simply ‘pay-as-you-go’ at an hourly rate depending on the experience of the lawyer you need.

You can use the time with us however you like. For example you may need a hand to draft court papers or letters, coaching on how best to represent yourself in court, or advice on suitable settlement proposals.

Ways to pay

Many of our clients like to pay by regular standing order. This option may well be best for you and help you budget. If you prefer, we’re happy to take payment by credit or debit card (but there is a charge for credit card payments).


Frequently asked questions about funding

Do you offer free initial consultation?

In some of our offices we offer a free initial consultation (in person or on the phone) which can last for up to 30 minutes and is meant as an opportunity for us to discuss your circumstances in general and how we can help, including funding going forward.

In some of our offices we offer a fixed fee initial consultation, the cost of which will be refunded to you should you decide to instruct us formally.

Please get in touch with your preferred office to find out more.

Do you do legal aid work?

We are able to represent clients on a publicly funded basis but we are restricted in our ability to do so by requirements set by the Government and by the Legal Aid Agency.  Public funding in family cases has been significantly limited by recent cuts and is not as widely available as it used to be.

Can you tell me more about your hourly-rate charging system?

Our solicitors’ hourly rates are set in accordance to their level of experience.  We will ensure that your case is allocated to the most suitable level of expertise depending on your circumstances.

Do you offer fixed fees?
We offer a limited fixed fee package.  Depending on your needs and circumstances, we will advise you about your options and we will discuss the best funding arrangement for your case.

Contact our team today to discuss your legal question and find the best funding scheme for you

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