Early careers

Whatever stage of studying you are at, or if you are looking for a career change, we want to give you real insight into why you should begin your legal journey with us.


Why start at RWK Goodman

We are always looking for ambitious individuals to join us and become our next generation of top lawyers and legal professionals.

We want people committed to providing outstanding client service and have a number of early career routes available:

  • Training Contracts
  • Vacation Schemes
  • Apprenticeships in Business Services and Legal
Life at RWK Goodman

"Success comes through creating a collaborative environment where we work together to support and accelerate each other's growth. Why have I stayed so long? Simply because it never got boring. There was always something new to learn, and there still is. It never reached the point where I was done...

Anna Arakacheeva, Marketing Manager

Application process

We have a rigorous application process for our roles and with a high volume of applicants, competition is fierce.

What will make you stand out is your passion for client service and your individuality. Tell us about the interesting things you get up to outside and alongside your work and studies and why you feel they will make you a great lawyer.


Application tips

We have a very rigorous application process to make sure we find the right individuals to join us.

In applications, we want to hear why you’re perfect for a role with us and what strengths and experience you can bring. We want you to show us what is unique about you and how the skills on your CV will help us take our business to the next level.

Vacation Schemes

Voluntary placements are a great way to gain experience of working at a law firm.

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Training contracts

Choosing a Training Contract will see you immediately working as part of our team from your first day.

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