February 6, 2023

Family recover Compensation after former Ferrodo Employee Dies from Asbestos-related Lung Cancer

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Mr G worked for Ferrodo Limited his entire life. He worked at the Chapel-en-le-Frith site between March 1959 and April 1995. Initially Mr G was employed as a factory operative, but later became a shift chemist, section leader and materials manager. He was involved in the manufacture of brake linings and worked on the shop floor. During his employment he was exposed to asbestos dust and fibres.

In 2018, Mr G began suffering from breathlessness. He attended his GP and underwent various investigations. Initially, a cause was not found for the breathlessness. In April 2019 he had further investigations and the results revealed lung cancer. Mr G received some chemotherapy, but when the COVID pandemic hit it was deemed too risky for Mr G to be attending the hospital and so his treatment ceased. Mr G sadly passed away on 7 June 2020.

Following Mr G’s death, his family contacted the specialist asbestos disease team at RWK Goodman. The team assisted Mr G’s family in making a claim for compensation. As Mr G was employed by Ferrodo Limited, an application was made to the Turner & Newall compensation scheme. Witness evidence of Mr G’s asbestos exposure was obtained from Mr G’s family in support of the application, as was medical evidence from a Respiratory Consultant.

The application under the scheme was successful and compensation in excess of £100,000 was recovered for the family.

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