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Michael Wolstencroft

Senior Associate


About Michael

Michael Wolstencroft is a senior associate in our Industrial Disease team and is based in our Bath office.

Michael specialises in asbestos related diseases and represents asbestos sufferers throughout the UK and abroad who have been diagnosed with asbestosis, lung cancer, mesothelioma and pleural thickening conditions. Michael also represents the families of asbestos victims who have sadly passed away as a consequence of asbestos related disease.

Michael has experience of bringing successful claims on behalf of asbestos victims who lived close to asbestos manufacturing factories and also for partners of people who worked with asbestos who have contracted asbestos related diseases through washing their partners’ asbestos contaminated overalls.

He is a member of the APIL and solicitor regulated by the SRA, and is an APIL accredited asbestos disease specialist.

Michael undertakes all work relating to asbestos litigation including:

  • Advising on complex issues of foreseeability and legal liability
  • Guiding clients through the litigation process in an understanding and approachable manner, avoiding jargon
  • Progresses claims quickly to conclusion

I find it immensely rewarding and an absolute privilege to be able to assist asbestos sufferers and their families obtain justice.

Michael Wolstencroft

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