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Case Study  |  17:05:24
Six-figure settlement secured for widow who lost husband to asbestos-related mesothelioma
We were instructed by Barbara Hookins following her husband, Bill, passed away following his diagnosis of mesothelioma. He had sadly passed away only eight weeks after the diagnosis. The coroner had concluded that Bill’s...
Case Study  |  14:05:24
Six-figure sum awarded to family of former joiner who died of mesothelioma
Mr S was employed by Kingswood Portable Buildings between 1973/74 and 1974/75. The company was based in Bournemouth and manufactured portable buildings. Mr S was employed as an erector and his job was to...
Case Study  |  14:05:24
Widow awarded compensation following husband’s death from mesothelioma contracted whilst employed by British Railways and Pressed Steel Fisher
Mr G began to feel unwell in July 2021 when he started suffering from pain in his back and breathlessness. He underwent a chest x-ray which showed a build-up of fluid on his lungs....
Case Study  |  15:04:24
Compensation recovered for the family of a former electrical contractor who died from mesothelioma following asbestos exposure at Sellafield Nuclear Power Station
Senior Associate, Laura Wilkinson, was instructed after JM’s death to investigate a claim following his diagnosis with mesothelioma. JM’s family had had discussions with him over the years and had an idea as to...
Case Study  |  12:04:24
Family of former school caretaker who died from mesothelioma recovers compensation
Our Senior Associate, Laura Wilkinson, was instructed by the family of Mr G who sadly died from mesothelioma in June 2020. Mr G had been employed as a caretaker in Somerset from 1989 to...
Case Study  |  12:04:24
Claim settled for former school cleaner exposed to asbestos
Margaret H was employed as a dormitory cleaner at a school in Wantage. Sadly, decades later, Margaret became poorly and was given the tragic news that she had developed mesothelioma due to asbestos exposure....
Case Study  |  12:04:24
Damages secured for former Treloar Health Authority painter following diagnosis of mesothelioma
RWK Goodman acted for a painter who worked for the Treloar Health Authority between 1969 and 1978. The claim was brought against the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care (“SOSHSC”) for exposing...
Case Study  |  12:04:24
Successful claim against Electricity Board for lady exposed to asbestos dust as a child through her father’s work
Senior Associate, Michael Wolstencroft, was instructed by Mrs W who was sadly diagnosed with mesothelioma. Mrs W was employed as an office worker and couldn’t recall any occupational asbestos exposure during her working life....
Case Study  |  12:04:24
Former Cape Asbestos employee receives compensation following diagnosis of mesothelioma
Mr K was employed by Cape Building Products Ltd in 1962/63 as an oven operative and labourer at their factory in Cowley, Middlesex. Asbestos was widely present throughout the fabric of the building and...
Case Study  |  19:03:24
Former paper mill worker receives six-figure sum after developing mesothelioma
RWK Goodman’s specialist asbestos disease team has settled a claim for a gentleman against his former employer following his diagnosis with mesothelioma, an asbestos related cancer. Mr W began feeling breathless at the beginning...
Case Study  |  11:03:24
Mesothelioma settlement secured for former Cowley Motor Plant worker
John White was diagnosed with a follicular lymphoma in February 2021. He received successful treatment and was in remission, with no further treatment required. Sadly, it was right in the middle of his battle...
Opinion  |  07:03:24
Asbestos claims in Bristol
RWK Goodman, who have recently opened a new Bristol Office, will enhance the support available for those with asbestos related illnesses in the area and their families. The Chambers-Ranked Industrial Disease Team at RWK...
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