Mark Hambleton


Animal accidents | Chronic Pain and CRPS | Injury | Road accidents

About Mark

Mark is an experienced Partner in our personal injury team. He has a broad practice area dealing with serious injuries.

Mark’s particular interests include cyclists and vulnerable road users, injuries caused by animals and acting for clients that don’t have capacity to conduct litigation themselves.

Mark is a keen cyclist and advocate for vulnerable road users generally. He has built up significant experience in this field over the years and is passionate about pursuing claims of this nature and improving road safety generally.

Having succeeded with all manner of claims for injuries caused by animals, in negligence and under the Animals Act, Mark is an expert in claims of this nature, commonly involving cattle, horses, dogs or pigs. This is a particular area of interest for Mark having spent a lot of time in rural areas and amongst various livestock.

Mark has established a niche practice representing individuals who suffer serious injuries whilst being cared for by others. These individuals are represented by their litigation friend due to their vulnerability and inability to conduct their own litigation.

Specialist areas

  • Representing injured cyclists
  • Claims under the Animals Act 1971 and injuries caused by animals generally
  • Representing injured motorcyclists
  • Acting for vulnerable roads users, especially pedestrians and runners
  • Representing those who don’t have capacity to conduct their own litigation
  • Taking over the conduct of complex cases from other firms of solicitors

Comment from Mark

"To be able to be warm, understanding and supportive at the same time as being cool, objective and incisive is a rare special blend."

SH - attacked by cows whilst out walking