April 12, 2024

Claim settled for former school cleaner exposed to asbestos

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Margaret H was employed as a dormitory cleaner at a school in Wantage. Sadly, decades later, Margaret became poorly and was given the tragic news that she had developed mesothelioma due to asbestos exposure.

Following her diagnosis, Margaret approached our specialist asbestos disease team. We visited Margaret at home and it became clear that Margaret may have been exposed to asbestos dust whilst working at the school. Margaret described heating pipes in the school dormitories that were lagged with asbestos and how she had to sweep up chunks of lagging that fell off as she cleaned them.

We tracked down a former colleague who had worked at the school, including one witness who recalled the maintenance man telling her not to touch the pipes as they were covered in asbestos.

The school denied liability and no disclosure of asbestos surveys or maintenance documents was given. Our team carried out extensive research and investigations into the school premises, including site visits, reviewing disclosure from the local authority, reviewing planning applications and tracking down and reviewing architects’ files to ascertain if asbestos was used to lag the pipes in the area where Margaret worked.

Meanwhile, Margaret had become increasingly unwell and therefore submitted to an Evidence on Commission hearing where the defendant barrister questioned Margaret at her home to put her evidence on the record for use if the case went to trial.

Margaret later accepted a settlement offer from the Defendant and has been able to use the compensation to keep her comfortable and make lasting memories with her family.

Margaret said:

“I am extremely grateful for the huge amount of time spent on my case. Rachel, Nadia and the team always kept me well informed with their honest and trustworthy support and feedback. Thank you for everything you have done for my husband and me.”

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