Racing and Bloodstock buying and selling
Racing and Bloodstock buying and selling

Expert advice before you buy or sell a racehorse

Racehorse ownership is full of challenges. Not least the process of buying and selling a horse.

Here to help you with your racehorse transaction

People buy and sell horses every day, but just like any business investment things can go wrong after the sale. By getting the right advice from the start, you can make sure you avoid any problems in the future.

From getting the horse sale contract right, to advice and support when a horse sale doesn’t go to plan, RWK Goodman are here to help. We live and work in the equine community, so we know how to move to a settlement quickly and efficiently for you.

The horse sale contract

A properly drafted horse sale contract brings you the reassurance that you have done all you can to avoid frustrations or costly problems later. If you’re buying, it’s worth considering a pre-purchase veterinary examination, and obtaining warranties from the seller. If you’re selling, make sure you record any problems about the horse in the contract. We can give you professional advice on the terms of the contract, so you know the deal is sound.

When a sale goes wrong

Perhaps your horse has gone wrong or has failed to live up to the seller’s promises? Or you may have sold a horse and the buyer is now complaining? Whatever your circumstances, we can provide a solution that will minimise the costs and disruption.

Expertise to understand your business

As bloodstock specialists, we can hit the ground running to provide quick and practical advice to protect your money or your investment.

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