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Case Study  |  26:06:24
Compensation, rehabilitation, prosthetics, and mobility adaptations secured for motorcycle claimant.
Report  |  25:06:24
Is ‘motonormativity’ the roadblock to active travel?
Mark Hambleton, Partner and specialist cycling accident solicitor, reviews recent research into road safety and behaviour and asks - is 'motonormativity' blocking more active travel?
Opinion  |  07:03:24
Bristol – Thoughts on the Clean Air Zone (CAZ) and active travel
Towards the end of November 2022, the Bristol Clean Air Zone (‘CAZ’) came into operation. The fundamental aim of the CAZ is to reduce air pollution caused by road traffic. The Government set legal...
Opinion  |  25:08:23
Parents’ safety warning, as 1 in 10 cyclist casualties under the age of 16.
Cycling advocate and injury specialist Mark Hambleton shares advice on the overlooked signs of concussion, the places where teenagers are most at risk, and helmet-wearing.
E scooter on road at dusk with car headlights in the background
Opinion  |  26:01:23
E-scooter accident claims – what you need to know if you’ve been involved in an e-scooter collision
Sophie Feeney explains what you need to know if you've been involved in an accident with an e-scooter.
Road traffic collision
Opinion  |  25:02:21
Whiplash reforms: legislating for insurers’ empty promises?
Rachel Jones looks at the whiplash reforms and asks: are insurers delivering on the reduced premiums they promised as a result of this legislation?
Opinion  |  18:08:20
Injury Prevention Week – improved road safety is just the beginning
Following the release of the IPPR's and APIL's injury prevention report last week, and in honour of Injury Prevention Week, Tracy Norris-Evans reviews what the report can tell us and what the UK needs to learn about injury prevention.
Road traffic collision
Opinion  |  16:12:19
Thousands of drink drivers are reoffending – what does this mean for claimants?
As the festive season approaches, awareness of the risks of drink driving come to the forefront of our minds, not least due to an increase in adverts highlighting how, if we drink and drive, we may end up arrested, injured or possibly even dead. Fortunately, the majority of us do think twice about how we intend to travel home after meeting friends or loved ones for a drink or two.
Opinion  |  15:07:19
What is the discount rate, and what does the latest change mean for personal injury claimants?
With today's announcement that the discount rate will change to minus 0.25%, we give you a quick explainer as to what it is and what the change means for claimants.
Opinion  |  06:03:19
Are drones the answer to the UK’s pothole problem?
Drones can be used for filming, as a delivery method, and even to replace fireworks - but could they solve the pothole problem on our roads? Our Personal Injury team takes a look.
Opinion  |  13:02:19
The Automated and Electric Vehicles Act 2018 – six months on, is it fit for purpose?
We are now six months on from the introduction of the new statutory liability for driverless vehicles. Here, Rachel Jones gives a reminder of the Act’s key components, and an update on how technology is marching on.
Opinion  |  08:01:19
Smart motorways – are they really as smart as they claim to be?
How safe would you feel stranded in a broken down vehicle, or attending an emergency, on a motorway with no hard shoulder?
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