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If you’ve experienced medical treatment that was negligent, a claim for compensation may help to get your life – or that of someone in your family – back on track.

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Substandard medical care changes people’s lives.

Understandably, when dealing with sensitive issues such as medical treatment, you want a personal service, and part of that is instructing a firm of solicitors local to you.

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So if you’re based in Swindon or the surrounding area, our expert medical negligence solicitors may be able to help you.

Our team have made successful claims against various local medical practitioners, the primary one being Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust as well as private hospitals and GP practices.

Unfortunately it is not always possible to restore life to exactly as it was before yours or your loved one’s injury, but our team have the specialist knowledge and experience to help you get as close as reasonably possible.

When might I have a claim for medical negligence?

If you have experienced medical care which has resulted in an injury, or a condition has been made worse as a result of treatment, then you may have a claim for medical negligence.

Ordinarily, a claim will need to be brought within three years of the alleged negligence, or three years from when you became aware of the alleged negligence.  However if you are bringing a claim for a child you will have until their 21st birthday to claim, and on behalf of an adult with mental difficulties there is no time limit.

How much compensation might I receive for a claim?

The amount of compensation recovered for a claim depends on the particular injury you have suffered, so you will need to speak to us in order for us to advise you on this further. However, claims of maximum severity (for example those that involve life-changing brain injuries such as cerebral palsy) can settle for significant sums.

How can I pay for my claim?

There are many different funding options available for medical negligence claims, including ‘no win, no fee’ (also known as a conditional fee agreement) where – should your claim be unsuccessful – you will have nothing to pay.

How long will a claim take?

We aim to bring a claim to a successful conclusion as quickly as reasonably possible whilst maintaining a focus on maximum compensation, but the amount of time it will take depends on a number of different factors. For example, should the person or organisation you are claiming against deny liability, the case could take longer to resolve.

“I would recommend you to anyone who needs help and advice with medical law as I found you easy to talk to and you went through all the options I could take and nothing was too much trouble”.

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Our office is not far from Swindon railway station, just off Milford Street in the Newbridge Square office building.

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Our medical negligence services

Help with all types of medical negligence claims

From acquired brain injuries and dental negligence, to birth injuries and spinal injuries, our team of expert medical negligence solicitors have an exhaustive experience of medical negligence claims and compensation. Whatever you need to claim for, we know how best to go about it.

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Amputation claims
You may have had to undergo an amputation following a traumatic impact resulting from an accident, or as a result of medical negligence. If so, we can help you secure compensation to get your life back on track.
Birth injury claims
Our specialist team of solicitors work hard to achieve justice and recompense when you or those close to you have suffered serious injuries, before or during birth, or in the first few days and weeks of your child’s life.
Doctor indicates brain injury on brain scans
Brain injury claims
The emotional turmoil and distress following a brain injury to a loved one is felt by not only the injured person but also wider family and friends. So if you’re considering a brain injury compensation claim, you’ll want to make sure you have all the necessary support and advice from an expert team of solicitors who understand what you might be going through.
Cancer claims
If you or a loved one suffers from cancer, early diagnosis is vital if you’re to have the best chance of survival. So when initial signs are missed due to someone’s negligence you may be denied the best chance of returning to health. If that’s the case, we can help you make a cancer misdiagnosis compensation claim.
Cardiac negligence claims
If you, or your loved ones, have experienced cardiac negligence it is vital you have the best help and support on your side.
patient complains to doctor about cauda equina pain whilst he points to area on spinal column model
Cauda equina syndrome claims
Cauda equina syndrome is devastating, especially if caused by a delay in diagnosis or a surgical error. If you have developed cauda equina syndrome as a result of a delay or through substandard care, you may have a claim for medical negligence.
Cosmetic surgery claims
When cosmetic surgery goes wrong you may be left with both physical and emotional scars you weren’t prepared for, as well as a financial burden to get it fixed. For many, the best approach is to seek compensation for negligent cosmetic surgery.
Dental negligence claims
Even the simplest of dental procedures can go wrong. If this is the case for you, you may have found it a traumatic experience resulting in pain, suffering and the need for further dental treatment.
Erb’s palsy claims
Our specialist Erb's palsy solicitors are here to help you get the compensation you deserve when your child has been injured due to negligence at birth.
Fatal injury claims
If you’ve lost a loved one it will undoubtedly be a very distressing time for you and your family. This is especially the case if you believe the death occurred as a result of an accident or due to substandard care.
Group B Strep (GBS) claims
If your child has experienced injury as a result of Group B Streptococcus (GBS) infection, our specialist solicitors can help you seek compensation.
GP negligence claims
Your family GP is normally the first port of call when you’re worried about your health. However, sometimes things can go wrong. If your GP lets you down then we can investigate what went wrong and seek redress on your behalf.
Hospital negligence claims
When you’ve received medical treatment in hospital that’s gone wrong or led to unexpected complications and injury it is likely to have had a significant impact on your life. If this is the case, our medical negligence solicitors can help obtain you compensation for your injuries and any financial losses.
Inquest solicitors
When a loved one dies an inquest provides an opportunity to have your questions answered. Our dedicated solicitors are here to help find the answers you need.
Orthopaedic negligence claims
Negligent orthopaedic treatment may have led to additional pain, as well as delay in your recovery or even the need for additional surgery. If so, we can help.
Pressure sore claims
Pressure sores, known as pressure ulcers, bed sores or decubitus ulcers, arise as a result of pressure or friction. They typically arise from a period of immobility, for example following surgery or illness.
Scoliosis surgery claims
If you have experienced an injury as a result of negligent scoliosis surgery, we can help you get the compensation you deserve.
Sepsis negligence claims
An injury caused by sepsis could be temporary or life changing – either way, if the condition was missed due to negligence, you may have a claim for compensation.
Spinal surgery negligence claims
Sometimes poor outcomes occur even with the best possible care during and after spinal surgery. Occasionally though they result from negligent treatment, which may give rise to a claim for compensation – in which case, we can help.
Weight loss surgery claims
Weight loss surgery (or bariatric surgery) is a major event that will change your life. Unfortunately, things can go wrong and if your operation has not been a success, you might want to seek compensation to get the support you need. If so, we can help.

Understanding your medical negligence claim

Our expert team will help you understand what constitutes medical negligence, and whether you can make a claim.

We can also explain what level of damages and how much compensation for medical negligence you can expect should your claim be successful.

Our team sees a claim both as an opportunity to secure the future for you (and/or your family) and to throw a spotlight on vital patient safety lessons for medical institutions, avoiding further instances of substandard care.

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