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Opinion  |  24:06:24
What therapy options are there for Erb’s palsy?
Paul Rumley explains the kinds of therapy options available for those living with Erb's palsy.
Opinion  |  24:06:24
Making an Erb’s palsy claim
If you or your child has Erb’s Palsy you’ll doubtless have concerns about how you or they will manage into the future. We understand you are striving for the best quality of life possible....
Opinion  |  24:06:24
Erb’s palsy and brain injury
We are seeing increasing numbers of clients who have brain injury alongside their Erb’s palsy injury. This is because the baby getting stuck can also result in a period of lack of oxygen and...
Opinion  |  09:05:24
What you need to know about claiming for misdiagnosed skin cancer
According to Cancer Research UK, each day around 46 people are diagnosed with melanoma skin cancers. It is the fifth most common cancer in the UK, with the numbers rising each year. Although mortality...
Opinion  |  01:05:24
Can spinal surgery go wrong?
Spinal surgery is a very complicated area of medical practice. Despite studies demonstrating the success rates of surgical treatment, in some circumstances patients can still feel pain after undergoing surgery. Post-operative pain is sometimes...
Opinion  |  05:03:24
What are the symptoms of sepsis after giving birth?
Sepsis is the body’s over-response to an infection by over-fighting the infection and attacking the body’s organs and tissues. It can lead to multiple organ failure if not treated quickly. When a mother gives...
Opinion  |  19:02:24
Living with cauda equina syndrome – things you might need to know.
Our spinal injury negligence team explain what you need to know if you've recently been diagnosed with cauda equina syndrome.
Opinion  |  14:02:24
Encephalitis – Warning signs, Causation, Treatment & Support
Encephalitis is a serious, and sometimes life threatening or life changing, condition in which the brain becomes swollen. Unfortunately, if left undiagnosed or untreated, it can leave people with significant brain damage and even life-changing disabilities.
Opinion  |  25:01:24
Stroke Prevention Day 2024 – Raising awareness of stroke, its causes, effects, treatment and recovery
January 25th is Stroke Prevention Day. As lawyers who support many clients affected by stroke after accidents or negligence, we are keen to do all we can to raise awareness of the campaign and...
Opinion  |  02:01:24
Paralysis following spinal surgery – what happens when spinal cord monitoring during surgery isn’t managed properly?
Simon Elliman, partner and head of our medical negligence team, explains what you need to know about monitoring during spinal surgery.
Opinion  |  23:11:23
Do we actually learn lessons from Inquiries?
With ever-increasing political pressure for answers, and drive hold publicly-funded institutions to account, there has been a growing demand to hold inquiries to seek answers, and importantly, learn from tragic events to stop something similar happening again.
MBRRACE UK report brings to life data behind maternal deaths and suggests key actions that could save lives - RWK Goodman - Nov 2023
Opinion  |  07:11:23
MBRRACE UK report brings to life data behind maternal deaths and suggests key actions that could save lives
In October, MBRRACE-UK released a comprehensive report looking at the cause of deaths of women while pregnant and up to a year after being pregnant.
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