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Opinion  |  23:11:22
Is cerebral palsy a result of medical malpractice?
Kerstin Scheel explains what causes cerebral palsy and when the condition may be a result of medical negligence.
Opinion  |  17:11:22
Improving patient safety: How can patients be protected from medication related harm?
Earlier this year, NHS Resolution, who are the arm of the NHS responsible for delivering fair resolution of disputes and learning from harm to improve safety, published updated guidance into the prevention of medication...
Opinion  |  19:08:22
New framework for patient safety investigations launched by NHS England
Sophie Angwin-Thornes explains the new patient safety incident framework in the NHS, and how it might help.
Person with their hand on lower back in foreground whilst doctor points at model of spinal column in background
Report  |  29:06:22
Urgent cauda equina care – have lessons been learned?
In collaboration with the Cauda Equina Champions Charity, we have conducted research that suggests there is still work to be done to improve emergency care for cauda equina syndrome so as to avoid life-changing outcomes.
Opinion  |  24:05:22
Avoidable deaths at St George’s Hospital: the saga continues
Joachim Stanley explains the ongoing saga at St George's Hospital in London, where survival rates for cardiac surgery have fallen below accepted safe standards in the past.
Opinion  |  21:04:22
Ambulance waiting times: a national health hazard
Joachim Stanley explains how delays in the ambulance services due to Covid can impact upon people's lives.
Opinion  |  15:03:22
Find out more about Brain Tumour Awareness Month
Lucy Norton explains what you need to know about Brain Tumour Awareness Month.
Opinion  |  18:02:22
NHS launches lifesaving campaign to tackle any myths relating to heart attacks
The aim of the campaign is to encourage people to dial 999 should they experience any early signs of a heart attack. The campaign, which is specific to heart attacks, known as ‘Help Us...
Opinion  |  02:02:22
Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) maternity investigations will now be conducted by a new Special Health Authority (SHA) – what does this mean for patient safety?
Kerstin Scheel explains the latest change in maternity healthcare, with The HSIB's maternity investigations being conducted by a new Special Health Authority (SHA), and what it means for patient safety.
Opinion  |  08:11:21
HSIB reports – Maternal death: Learning from maternal death investigations during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic
HSIB have released a collection of reports, the “Maternity National Learning Reports”, regarding maternity units, expectant mothers and newborn babies.
Opinion  |  04:11:21
“Severe brain injury, early neonatal death and intrapartum stillbirth associated with group B streptococcus infection” A review of the report from the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch
The Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) periodically release reports into the risks and resulting issues that face maternity units, pregnant women and newborn babies when in NHS care. These are known as the Maternity National Learning reports.
Opinion  |  04:11:21
“Neonatal collapse alongside skin-to-skin contact.” A review of the report from the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch
The Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) routinely release reports, known as the Maternity National Learning reports, that identify the risks and issues faced by expectant mothers and newborn babies; making recommendations to improve patient safety.
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