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Mental health & Erbs feat image
Opinion  |  19:04:23
Erb’s Palsy Webinar – Mental Health & Erb’s Palsy
Introduction Welcome to the RWK Goodman Erb’s Palsy Mental Health Webinar, in association with The Erb’s Palsy Group. We hope this webinar helps to further open up the conversation about the mental health effects...
Bariatric Surgery - What you need to know - RWK Goodman
Opinion  |  14:04:23
Bariatric Surgery: What you need to know
RWK Goodman Clinical Negligence Associate Sinead Coulson, talks to Consultant Upper GI and Bariatric Surgeon Mr Vittal Rao about the things you need to know before considering bariatric surgery. During their conversation they cover details on the risks, expected results and process of bariatric surgery.
Report  |  11:04:23
Investment in maternity care would change lives and save NHS millions
Every year, around 1,800 UK children are diagnosed with cerebral palsy. It’s estimated that at least 1 in every 12 of those diagnoses occurs because of negligence in maternity care settings, with lives permanently...
Case Study  |  03:04:23
Over £100,000 for GP mis-prescription resulting in a stroke
Mr Y had been taking medication for atrial fibrillation when he suffered a stroke. It was later discovered that his medication had been prescribed at a sub-therapeutic dose. Mr Y was a very active...
Opinion  |  24:03:23
Six congenital heart conditions parents might need to know about
Joachim Stanley, a specialist in cardiac negligence claims, explains some of the heart conditions that can arise in childhood and answers questions parents might covering.
Opinion  |  13:03:23
What is a cardiac lesion and can it be missed? What you need to know
In clinical negligence litigation, as in everything else, you can see trends emerge over time; history famously doesn’t repeat itself, but it tends to rhyme. Over the past few years, I have noticed a...
Case Study  |  07:03:23
Over £1 million secured for stroke as a result of negligent hospital care
B was a healthy 27 year old when he was diagnosed with a severe flu virus. He became very ill and was admitted to ITU, and was in such a poor condition that he...
Case Study  |  07:03:23
Compensation secured for mum who suffered bladder damage during birth of second child
During E’s second pregnancy, she was confident that consultant led care would identify any complications. However, a series of errors led to her sustaining a permanent bladder injury.
Case Study  |  18:01:23
Clinical Negligence and limb loss – a case example
Cathy was 69 years old when, during a routine GP appointment, she was urgently referred to hospital; the doctor noticed that Cathy had developed coldness and discolouration of her left foot, which had no...
Opinion  |  15:12:22
Does an ambulance delay for a heart attack mean medical negligence?
During cardiac arrest speed of treatment is one of the most important factors that can save a person's life. So if there are delays in ambulance and paramedic response does that mean medical negligence has taken place?
Podcast  |  08:12:22
What you need to know about myocardial infarction | Legal Thinking Podcast
Our podcast welcomes Dr Stephen Hoole as he explains what you need to know about myocardial infarction post-COVID.
Opinion  |  23:11:22
Is cerebral palsy a result of medical malpractice?
Kerstin Scheel explains what causes cerebral palsy and when the condition may be a result of medical negligence.
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