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Opinion  |  19:02:24
Living with cauda equina syndrome – things you might need to know.
Our spinal injury negligence team explain what you need to know if you've recently been diagnosed with cauda equina syndrome.
Opinion  |  14:02:24
Encephalitis – Warning signs, Causation, Treatment & Support
Encephalitis is a serious, and sometimes life threatening or life changing, condition in which the brain becomes swollen. Unfortunately, if left undiagnosed or untreated, it can leave people with significant brain damage and even life-changing disabilities.
Opinion  |  25:01:24
Stroke Prevention Day 2024 – Raising awareness of stroke, its causes, effects, treatment and recovery
January 25th is Stroke Prevention Day. As lawyers who support many clients affected by stroke after accidents or negligence, we are keen to do all we can to raise awareness of the campaign and...
Opinion  |  02:01:24
Paralysis following spinal surgery – what happens when spinal cord monitoring during surgery isn’t managed properly?
Simon Elliman, partner and head of our medical negligence team, explains what you need to know about monitoring during spinal surgery.
Opinion  |  23:11:23
Do we actually learn lessons from Inquiries?
With ever-increasing political pressure for answers, and drive hold publicly-funded institutions to account, there has been a growing demand to hold inquiries to seek answers, and importantly, learn from tragic events to stop something similar happening again.
MBRRACE UK report brings to life data behind maternal deaths and suggests key actions that could save lives - RWK Goodman - Nov 2023
Opinion  |  07:11:23
MBRRACE UK report brings to life data behind maternal deaths and suggests key actions that could save lives
In October, MBRRACE-UK released a comprehensive report looking at the cause of deaths of women while pregnant and up to a year after being pregnant.
patient complains to doctor about cauda equina pain whilst he points to area on spinal column model
Opinion  |  03:11:23
What are the symptoms of Cauda Equina Syndrome?
Simon Elliman explains how a claim can be brought where a GP has failed to adequately warn a patient of the risks of cauda equina syndrome.
Opinion  |  26:10:23
Independent report demands more must be done to learn lessons from the inquest process
This week, the Independent Advisory Panel on Deaths in Custody produced a report looking at how effective the PFD process is and how it can be improved.
RWK Goodman TAC Magazine - 9th Edt - Spinal surgery in cerebral palsy: funding the costs
Opinion  |  22:08:23
Discussing spinal surgery in cerebral palsy and funding the costs of SDR and curvature surgery
Surgical treatment of the spine, whether that is to treat curvature of the spine or to carry out selective dorsal rhizotomy, has become a mainstay of treatment for children and young people with cerebral palsy. As a parent or carer of a child with cerebral palsy, it is not always an easy decision to proceed to surgery. Both the likely benefits need be considered against the known risks of surgery. In addition, for some, the cost of surgery will hang heavily in the balance.
Can Group B Strep Cause Cerebral Palsy - RWK Goodman
Opinion  |  16:08:23
Can Group B Strep Cause Cerebral Palsy?
Many pregnant women carry the bacteria Group B Streptococcus or GBS and it is usually harmless to both mother and baby. However, in some instances the bacteria can pass to the baby and the baby may go on to develop a severe infection. GBS infection in a baby can have serious consequences and it is essential that the infection is treated urgently to prevent the risks of long-term brain injury including cerebral palsy.
RWK Goodman Lessons learned - Hazel's Story
Case Study  |  10:08:23
Medical Negligence – Lessons learned: Hazel’s Story
Hazel and her mother-in-law sought our help when Hazel's husband, Colin, died as a result of a complications from a vaccine he should not have been given. Here Hazel, alongside Colin’s mother Barbara, share their story and how they hope to see things change as a result of their loss.
Lessons Learned - Anna's Story RWK Goodman
Case Study  |  09:08:23
Medical Negligence – Lessons learned: Anna’s story
Anna’s mother, Gill, sadly died following complications of an endoscopy procedure. The Trust were aware of issues in the care provided to her but failed to be open about this and did not apologise. The Care Quality Commission pursued a prosecution against the Trust for failing in their duty of candour. The Trust pleaded guilty and were fined, but what important lessons were learned?
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