January 10, 2023

Six-figure settlement for industrial cleaner exposed to asbestos working for eight different companies

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Mr Love was diagnosed with Malignant Mesothelioma in September 2018, after suffering several months of increasing chest discomfort and breathlessness.

Unfortunately, Mr Love’s health rapidly deteriorated following his diagnosis and he passed away in November 2018. An inquest was held and the conclusion was that Mr Love had passed away as a result of industrial disease following exposure to asbestos.

Mr Love’s widow contacted us following his death and investigations were commenced into where Mr Love could have come into contact with asbestos. It became rapidly clear that he had worked for several companies as an industrial cleaner, cleaning factories that contained asbestos, often cleaning during factory shutdowns and working at height, around degraded asbestos insulation and cladding. We also located several witnesses who had worked with Mr Love during his time as an industrial cleaner. There were 8 companies Mr Love was employed by, which he had come into contact with asbestos.

The Defendant Companies were made aware of the claim and following many months of battling over disclosure and expert reports, and despite a lack of co-ordination by the multiple Defendants and their insurers in the case, court proceedings were swiftly issued. At the first court hearing, judgment was entered for Mrs Love and an interim payment of damages was ordered. A final trial on quantum was listed.

Further medical evidence was obtained and efforts were made to secure a settlement for Mr Love’s family including significant damages under the Fatal Accidents Act. A six-figure settlement was agreed.

It was a pleasure to act for Mr Love’s widow and we wish her and the family all the best. She had this to say about the service she received:

The service was a very high standard, everything was explained really well and we were helped every step of the way by David Hughes. Thank-you!”

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