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As specialists in the causes of brain injury, we understand how conditions like Cerebral Palsy can have a severe impact on a person’s quality of life. But we also know that despite this, when given the correct support, people with a whole range of brain injuries can go on to do amazing things and live successful and independent lives.

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Kerstin Kubiak represented a 24 year old female client in her claim for compensation for the severe brain injuries she suffered as a result of negligence around the time of her delivery. The allegations were that the hospital was negligent in its use of Prostin during her mother’s labour which caused excessive contractions and in turn caused our client to suffer lack of oxygen. There was then a delay in identifying that our client was in distress during labour as a result of the excessive contractions and therefore a delay in delivering her by emergency caesarean section. Had she been delivered about 20 minutes earlier than she was then she would have avoided all injury.

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Shoulder dystocia occurs when a baby’s shoulders become stuck during birth. If this occurs, oxygen starvation may happen as the baby’s head is delivered and prior to delivery of the body. If prompt action is not taken, there is a chance of the child suffering a brain injury.  That chance will increase the longer they are stuck.

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