February 12, 2016

In excess of £6 million for boy who suffered following GBS infection

Posted in Cerebral palsy

In this claim the hospital Trust should have made enquiries about the mother’s previous vaginal swab tests; they failed to do so and therefore were not aware that the mother was positive for GBS infection. The baby contracted the infection during the birth, which went untreated with antibiotics afterwards. Very tragically this infection developed into severe meningitis and by the time this was diagnosed the baby had suffered a significant brain injury. The hospital admitted liability early in the case.

His injuries resulted in him requiring the use of a wheelchair outdoors and severe cognitive impairment, although he was able to communicate well with others. The claim sought damages to pay for commercial care into his future as well as for a Case Manager. It was agreed that the child would lack capacity once he reached 18 years of age and therefore the costs of a Deputy to manage his compensation under the Court of Protection were also claimed for.

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