June 29, 2017

£8.6 million compensation for cerebral palsy caused by delayed delivery

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Our client was subsequently diagnosed with choreo-athetoid cerebral palsy affecting all four limbs. She had severe motor disability, as well as severe speech and communication problems.  She was assessed as being unlikely to obtain remunerative employment as a result of her severe disabilities, and lacking capacity to manage her financial affairs.

A full admission of liability was made by the Defendant at an early stage in the case, accepting that our client’s disabilities were caused by their negligent mismanagement of her mother’s labour. This early admission meant that our client could receive interim payments on account of her final compensation, to enable her to have the assistance of a private Case Manager, private 24-hour care regime, adapted accommodation, therapies and equipment, while her final compensation was being assessed.

A settlement was reached out of Court for a capitalised sum of £8.6 million, which included the following payments:

  • A lump sum of £3,250,000;
  • £130,345 per year for care, for the rest of our client’s life;
  • £32,000 per year for therapies and the costs of a professional Deputy to manage her financial affairs, for the rest of our client’s life;
  • £22,000 per year for the loss of earnings suffered by our client, until our client reaches 68 years of age.
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