November 23, 2022

Compensation recovered for former British Uralite and Hick, Hargreaves & Co employee who developed mesothelioma

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Ken was exposed to asbestos during his employment at British Uralite Plc between 1958 and 1959. His role involved moulding asbestos cement by using different sized wooden moulds to create pipes and guttering. As a result of the nature of the work asbestos sheets would be cut and crack and chip when dry; this consequently harmful asbestos dust was released into the air. Ken was never made aware of the dangers or given advice on how to protect himself.

Ken was also exposed to asbestos when employed by Hick, Hargreaves & Co between 1959 and 1962/63. Here, Ken engaged in pipe and tube installation where he worked alongside other tradesmen, some who were doing asbestos lagging. The laggers would mix asbestos in large drums which would produce backlash dust. It was common that these mixes spilled and needed to be swept meaning the environment became even more dusty. There was no extraction or ventilation at the premises so the dust lingered in the air. The absence of a safety mask and knowledge of the dangers meant Ken’s day to day life involved breathing in fibres which would later sadly cause him to become ill.

In the summer of 2020 Ken began to experience breathlessness. Investigations sadly led to him being diagnosed with mesothelioma in January 2021. Our specialist solicitor Jennifer Seavor attended Ken at home in Kent and took a detailed witness statement from him regarding his asbestos exposure.

Medical evidence was obtained from experts in support of the claim. This involved confirming Ken’s symptoms, diagnosis and prognosis as well as commenting on his suitability for future medical treatment of his mesothelioma. However sadly Ken’s condition deteriorated and he died in October 2021. His daughter continued with his claim following his death until a settlement was agreed.

Ken's daughter said:  "RWK Goodman treated my father's claim with professionalism and compassion. They supported us throughout the claim explaining in layman's terms every step of the way, making the claim easy to understand and supported every decision we made as a family. I cannot thank Jennifer Seavor and her team enough."

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