May 24, 2024

RWK Goodman Partner Makes Key Contribution to Care England’s ‘Future Proofing Care’ Report

Bharti Moore, a partner in RWK Goodman’s Corporate team, has made a significant contribution to Care England’s ground-breaking report, ‘Future Proofing Care: Innovative Solutions to Support Independent Care Providers,’ out today.

The report, spotlighted on ITV’s Tonight Programme (23.5.2024), reveals the alarming extent of the social care crisis caused by chronic underfunding from central government and offers strategic solutions to sustain independent adult social care providers.

In the report, Bharti discusses how providers can prepare for sale and the key areas of due diligence which are hot topics, leaning on her M&A expertise in the sector. She also explores third party funding options, leaning on her expertise in financial structuring. She highlights tailored loan agreements and financial arrangements that align with the unique needs of smaller care providers. Bharti concludes, if care homes are provided with the tools and help to manage and mitigate financial risks, they can ensure they continue delivering high-quality care despite economic challenges.

Bharti Moore comments:

“RWK Goodman’s Health and Social Care team are proud to be part of a sector that is so dedicated to providing high-quality care to some of the most vulnerable members of our society. We are delighted to be contributors to the Care England ‘Future Proofing Care’ report.

“There are many challenges facing the care sector and smaller providers do not always have access to resources in the same way as larger providers. It is essential for the care sector as a whole to come together and collaborate in finding solutions to the challenges. This report is key to supporting smaller providers by highlighting best practices and strategies that smaller care providers can employ. The report can serve as a valuable resource for smaller providers looking to learn, make informed decisions and drive positive change within their organisations and continue their essential service to their community.”

Other industry leaders who contributed to the report include RWK Goodman partners Hazel Phillips and Claire Wheatley, as well as Fraser Myles Rickatson, Lucy Corner, Lee Howard, Andrew Whelan, Dipe Rajani, Tony Thiru, Tony Stein, Carol H., Jeremy Huband, Jimmy Johns, Charles Leach, Cornerstone Care Solutions, Westcott Care, Miva Care, Healthcare Management Solutions Ltd, Fulcrum Care Limited, Christie Finance, and  Christie & Co.

For more information about the “Future Proofing Care” report, click here.

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