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Immigration Blog - Dec 2023 - Sudpita Dey RWK Goodman
News  |  05:12:23
How will immigration reforms affect your health and social care business?
The Government has announced a series of immigration reforms to reduce the level of legal migration, which has reached record-breaking figures in accordance with the latest reports.
Opinion  |  23:11:23
Employee Ownership Trusts & Employee Benefit Trusts: Changes on the horizon – are you prepared?
Earlier this year, the Government announced that it would be reviewing two types of employee trust, namely Employee Benefit Trusts (EBT) and Employee Ownership Trusts (EOT), and potentially introducing changes to the way in...
Opinion  |  22:11:23
Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has announced major increases to UK minimum wage rates applicable from April 2024
In a bid to resolve the difficulties faced by people in low paid jobs, the Government has today announced its acceptance of the Low Pay Commission’s recommendations
Opinion  |  15:11:23
New rights for workers to request a predictable working pattern
Workers are to be given a new statutory right to request a predictable working pattern following Parliament’s approval of the Workers (Predictable Terms and Conditions) Act 2023 (‘Act’).
Opinion  |  14:11:23
Non-Financial Misconduct – FCA and PRA Consultation: Clarifying Revisions or Further Confusion?
Non-financial misconduct has long been a regulatory focus in the banking and financial services sector. In the FCA’s view this is because: “A corporate culture that tolerates sexual harassment or other non-financial misconduct is...
Sexual harassment at work lawyers
Opinion  |  09:11:23
What to do if you are accused of sexual harassment at work
Even if you believe that the sexual harassment allegation is untrue or fabricated you must treat it as being of the upmost importance.
Opinion  |  09:11:23
Managing a bonus dispute at work
Even if you believe that the sexual harassment allegation is untrue or fabricated you must treat it as being of the upmost importance.
Opinion  |  07:11:23
Banker’s Bonus Cap Removed – What does this mean for Employers?
Following the 2008 global financial crash, and in a bid to prevent future financial crises, the EU introduced regulations to cap banker’s bonuses to two times their annual salaries. However, on 24 October 2023,...
Labour Party Employment Reforms
Opinion  |  18:10:23
Employment Status, Sham Contracts and Labour Government Reforms
Opinion  |  18:10:23
How to negotiate your settlement agreement, for Directors and Senior Executives
Termination negotiation is the process of discussing and agreeing on the terms and conditions of an employee's departure from their job.
Opinion  |  11:10:23
Supreme Court decision widens the scope of holiday pay claims
A newly released judgment from the Supreme Court widens the scope of holiday pay claims for workers and employees. Up until this decision the time limit for employees or workers to bring claims for...
RWK GOODMAN press release
News  |  05:10:23
RWK Goodman advises shareholders of Paper Bag Co. on acquisition by Rawlings Group
RWK Goodman is pleased to announce its advisory role in the acquisition of Paper Bag Co. by Rawlings Group, a significant milestone in the history of both companies. The acquisition brings together two prominent...
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