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Opinion  |  08:10:19

Here, Oliver Lewis – an Assistive Technology Consultant from Lewis Support – explains what assistive technology is and how suitable solutions and products are identified. He has also included examples of how assistive technology can support individuals who have experienced a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI).

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post  |  20:02:19

We will be hosting the upcoming Professionals in Brain Injury (PIBI) event in our Midland Bridge House office in Bath. Dr Kesta Purt, Clinical Psychologist in Neuropsychology, and Sarah Gibbin, Speech and Language Therapist,…

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post  |  10:05:17

When someone suffers a brain injury it can be an extremely frightening and confusing time, both for the person concerned and their family and friends. But after the initial shock, one of the first things everyone wants to know is what services and rehabilitative therapies are available to help the person’s recovery.

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Opinion  |  23:07:15

Thousands of people each year suffer a brain injury. By the law of averages, a small proportion of these people are likely to be in the public eye. Money and fame offer no protection against the often devastating effects of a brain injury. Of the five examples below, all needed the support of clinicians, therapists and, most importantly, their families and friends.

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