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Opinion  |  08:06:21

The Government has after two years of debate and discussion given the green light to no-fault divorce. It is a move that will be welcomed by separating couples and their lawyers.

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Lockdown measures put in place by the Government during the coronavirus pandemic have meant many families, across the world, have spent significantly more time together than they usually would. This will, understandably, put a strain on many relationships during this difficult and unusual time.

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post  |  10:01:20

RWK Goodman has been announced as one of the lead sponsors of this year’s Oxfordshire Business Awards (OXBA).

The law firm, which has offices along the M4 from Bristol to London, including two in Oxfordshire, is sponsoring the Small Business Award. The category is open to any business in Oxfordshire with a turnover of less than £7.5 million, irrespective of size.

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post  |  17:10:19

The Queen’s speech in October 2019 confirmed the reintroduction of the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill in Parliament following prorogation. This follows the second reading of the bill in the House of Commons on 25 June 2019.

The purpose of the Bill is to allow couples to divorce without having to assign blame.

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post  |  28:08:19

Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend parliament is likely to have a devastating effect on the Government’s legislative agenda, including the possible death of the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill which would see the introduction of a no-fault divorce.

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post  |  11:04:19

Despite the country and government’s preoccupation with Brexit, this week heralded good news for the reform of divorce law following the results of a public consultation last year. The Ministry of Justice will introduce ‘no-blame’ divorce “as soon as parliamentary time allows” with the need for evidence of adultery, desertion or unreasonable behaviour to be replaced with a statement of irretrievable breakdown. The changes will also be reflected in the dissolution of civil partnerships.

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