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post  |  28:08:19

Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend parliament is likely to have a devastating effect on the Government’s legislative agenda, including the possible death of the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill which would see the introduction of a no-fault divorce.

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post  |  11:04:19

Despite the country and government’s preoccupation with Brexit, this week heralded good news for the reform of divorce law following the results of a public consultation last year. The Ministry of Justice will introduce ‘no-blame’ divorce “as soon as parliamentary time allows” with the need for evidence of adultery, desertion or unreasonable behaviour to be replaced with a statement of irretrievable breakdown. The changes will also be reflected in the dissolution of civil partnerships.

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Opinion  |  14:08:18

A law graduate who lived with her partner won a legal fight yesterday that will leave her with half of a £1.7m home. The courts awarded Ms Ladwa half of the home despite arguments from her former partner, Ms Chapman, that she had funded the home and their lavish lifestyle entirely. The couple were engaged to be married but separated in 2016.

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