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Case Study  |  18:01:23

Karl Pott was on his way to visit the Blade Motorcycle showroom on his motorbike when another motorcycle collided with him. Louise Hart, a Partner in our Personal Injury team, shares Karl’s story to…

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Opinion  |  21:01:19

Many people who experience CRPS might think their only way to relieve the pain once and for all is to remove the affected limb (or limbs). Is this the right course of action though? Louise Hart, specialist CRPS solicitor, helps you to understand the current thinking from both a practitioners’ and patients’ perspective.

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Opinion  |  26:11:18

November is a big month for CRPS. At the beginning of the month it was Colour the World Orange day, an annual event where people all over the world dress in orange to try and help raise awareness of CRPS. This week is even bigger, with two events in London taking place. Our CRPS specialist, Louise Hart, is attending one of the events to help raise awareness of this condition herself.

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