April 25, 2022

Building a team around the client after amputation

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At RWK Goodman we strive to build a team around our clients with the aim of returning their life to its pre-accident position in so far as that is possible. This involves a collaborative approach selecting the best team of rehabilitation experts and medical experts for each client.

Rehabilitation Services

Early rehabilitation is vital in helping you to lead your life as independently as possible and the level of long-term disability can depend on the treatment received in the early stages.

RWK Goodman works closely with rehabilitation providers such as Pace Rehabilitation and Dorset Orthopaedic.

Pace Rehabilitation

Pace Rehabilitation offers bespoke rehabilitation services through its coordinated multi-disciplinary team at its two clinics (South Manchester and Buckinghamshire). The team includes consultants in rehabilitation medicine, prosthetists / Orthotists, specialist rehabilitation therapists and counselling support.

Visit their website here >

Dorset Orthopaedic

Similarly Dorset Orthopaedic is an independent provider of prosthetic, orthotic, silicone and specialist rehabilitation services in their South, Midlands and London clinics. They offer a bespoke, quality and personalised service.

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Touch Bionics

RWK Goodman strive to be ahead of the curve and this includes exploring advanced technology options for our client’s such as the i-limb provided by Touch Bionics.

The team at Touch Bionics works with prosthetists and therapists to assess whether an individual is a suitable candidate for a prosthesis, such as the i-limb. Once an appropriate prosthesis has been identified, Touch Bionics offers training and support and carries out regular progress assessments.

Visit their website here >

You can read about how prosthetics tech helps those who have experienced injury to their hands here.

RWK Goodman understand that to provide individuals who have sustained limb loss or serious limb injury with the best possible opportunity of successful rehabilitation the key is to build an effective and efficient team around each client to provide expert guidance and support. We aim to achieve the best possible outcome both in terms of positive rehabilitation and returning our clients to their pre-accident lifestyle securing appropriate compensation to ensure that their future needs are fully met.

RWK Goodman are so committed to this approach that we publish a quarterly Team Around the Client Magazine, the latest issue of which is available to read here.

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