January 22, 2012

Accident at work amputee receives £135,000 compensation

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Mr K was using a circular sliding bed table saw to cut a sheet of foam. Some off cuts were stored near the saw. When an off cut unexpectedly fell towards Mr K, he was startled and jumped. As a result he amputated his middle finger and ring finger on his left hand.

The hospital was able to successfully re-implant the amputated part of the middle finger onto the stump of the ring finger. Unfortunately the other amputated fingertip could not be used and he was fitted with a prosthesis finger. Mr K was understandably worried about how this would affect both his work and his life in the future.

Unsurprisingly Mr K’s employers claimed that he was mostly to blame for the accident to minimise any compensation claim. Louise Hart, a partner in our Personal Injury team handled his claim and managed to minimise his blame and successfully recover £135,000 for Mr K so that he can plan for the future.

* To protect client confidentiality we refer to our client as ‘Mr K’

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