How much is a lawyer to recover debt?

Our debt recovery service is suitable for recovering multiple undisputed invoice debts of any size.

We can be upfront about the costs

We understand that recovering money owed to you may make a huge difference to you financially, and trying to get it repaid on your own can be complicated and stressful.

You may be considering hiring a lawyer to recover debt, but are concerned about how much it is going to cost. Each individual case is unique but we hope that this information helps you to get started.

How long will it take to receive the money that is owed to me?

There is no set timescale to recover a debt. It depends on many factors such as whether the debtor is an individual, if the claim is contested, or if they are even able to afford it. However that does not mean that there is not a clear and transparent process by which we will pursue your claim. Below you can see an overview of what we will do to begin the process of securing the money that is owed to you.

It begins with sending a letter of claim demanding payment and threatening court action in accordance with the relevant Pre-Action Protocol or Practice Direction. If the debtor fails to pay, proceedings will be commenced in the County Court.

If the debtor fails to acknowledge the Claim within 14 days, we will proceed to obtain a County Court Judgment (“CCJ”) which will, once obtained, be noted in the register against the credit rating of the debtor.

If, after the due date for payment, the debtor fails to pay voluntarily we will take enforcement action by the most appropriate method.

Alternatives may be available under the insolvency legislation. We can advise you on that.

What happens if the debtor disputes the debt?

Our debt recovery service is fully supported by our Dispute Resolution team and the matter will be passed to one of our solicitors who will be able to advise you on the process and the likely costs involved in pursuing the matter to trial.

What does it cost?

The following charges apply to all matters except those matters which are disputed and/or defended by the debtor. Where VAT is stated to be payable this is currently at a rate of 20%.

We charge a one-off fee of £15 plus VAT for taking on a debt and sending a letter of claim. If the debt is paid without the need for legal proceedings to be issued we will also charge you an additional fee which will be calculated as a percentage of the debt recovered. We will claim interest and other sums where available.

If proceedings are to be issued, you will need to pay the relevant court fee and the fixed costs plus VAT. The court fee and fixed costs (not the VAT) will form part of the claim. If the debtor then pays in full or in partial settlement of the sum claimed, we will be entitled to charge an additional percentage recovery, calculated on the debt recovered. Any balance recovered over and above these deductions will be paid to you.

In the event that the claim does not result in any payment being made by the debtor, then RWK Goodman will only charge the court fees, fixed costs plus VAT and any other disbursements together with the £15 plus VAT for the letter of claim.

If any additional work is required, including any settlement negotiations, correspondence with the debtor or additional advice or assistance, following the letter of claim or issue of proceedings, this work will be charged separately. We will discuss these charges with you before incurring them.

Where the debt is below £5,000 and the debtor fails to acknowledge service of the claim after 14 days
£22 + VAT

Where the debt is above £5,000 and the debtor fails to acknowledge service of the claim after 14 days
£30 + VAT

What sort of things can add extra costs?

Sometimes you may be successful in obtaining judgment against a debtor but the debtor may not pay. Various options of enforcement are available and we can advise you of the most appropriate method and the costs associated on a case by case basis. This will incur additional costs at our hourly rates, payable whether the enforcement is successful or not. If enforcement is successful, we will be entitled to charge an additional percentage recovery fee on the debt recovered.

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