The untold stories of sport after injury

We're here to share the stories of how sport has helped those living with disability find purpose and community.

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Sport. It's about so much more than games.

Aspirations. Community. Rehabilitation. Sport can give people who've experienced injury all these things.

Watch the film and hear the story of Harvey Greenaway, who experienced a life-changing brain injury as a result of an accident. Football, the passion around which he built his life, has helped him make a recovery that no one expected.

We also speak to Harvey’s parents, Paralympian Katrina Hart, CP Footballer Martin Sinclair, and Nicola Cale of CCMS to explain how they see sport as a force for good.

You can also see more of Harvey’s engagement with the world of football via the following links.

In conversation with

Martin Sinclair

Co-Founder of the Disability Football Collective and Former England CP Footballer.

Hear more from Martin Sinclair as he shares his full journey into the world of football.

From grassroots football in Bath to playing on the world stage, Martin understands where football can take you. But he also knows how much the sport still has to do, and that’s why he’s founded the Disability Football Collective.

Watch now and hear his story. Or read an interview from our recent Team Around the Client Magazine by following the link below.

Read our recent interview with Martin
In conversation with

Katrina Hart

Paralympic Athlete and Commonwealth Gold Medallist

Katrina has reached the highest heights in the world of athletics, running for Team GB at the Paralympic and Commonwealth Games.

Here she tells us how she got into running, found a community that understands her disability, and what she hopes will happen for the next generation of paralympic hopefuls.

In conversation with

Nicola Cale

Case Manager at CCMS and Silverlining Charity Volunteer

As a case manager with Community Case Management Services (CCMS), Nicola understands how to support the best outcomes for those living with disability. Here, she explains how she sees sport as a way to assist with rehab goals, build connections, and most importantly, get out and have fun!

Our sponsorship of the Bristol City CP FC's International Cerebral Palsy Football Festival

Taking place on 2-4 August 2024.

We are excited to back BCCPFC in their upcoming hosting of England’s largest Cerebral Palsy International Football Festival in Bristol which will bring together clubs from around Europe. The event will not only benefit children in the Bristol area but also foster international camaraderie among young athletes with cerebral palsy.

Find out more

Joseph's experience with Bristol City Cerebral Palsy FC.

For Joseph, playing CP football for Bristol City is about community.

Ahead of Bristol City CP Football FC’s International Football Festival in August, we caught up with Joseph on a training day to find out what the Club means to him.

Representation. Community. Visibility. This is why we’re sponsoring the International Football Festival on 2-4 August 2024.

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