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June 2024 | Edition 12

Kerstin Scheel RWK Goodman

A note from the Editor

"This specialist edition of Team Around the Client magazine focuses on our Inquest and Fatal Accident Team who provide legal insight and dedicated support to families who have suffered a bereavement as a result of negligence.

The families who have experienced an unexpected death of a loved one not only have the right and need to know why they died, but also have a strong desire to prevent the same circumstances recurring, in an effort to prevent another family going through the agony of an unnecessary loss.

The duty to investigate how and in what circumstances someone died is the role of the Coroner, but this legal inquiry is greatly enhanced when families have the benefit of an experienced solicitor to seek information and push for a full and frank inquiry.

The role of lawyers working within the Coronial system must be to garner answers, seek change to prevent future harm and be a resounding voice for those overcome by grief. Families have the right to seek answers and justice and it is our responsibility to enable that process to take place. Where families are entitled to compensation, our team will support them to pursue a claim, helping them obtain financial security both in the short term and for the future.

The articles within this edition provide information for families and professionals and demonstrates the strength and compassion of our legal team in working with and holding the hands of families affected by loss.”

We bereaved are not alone. We belong to the largest company in all the world – the company of those who have known suffering” – Helen Keller

Kerstin Scheel, Partner and Editor of our Team Around the Client Magazine

What is a coroner’s inquest and what should I expect?

Ali Cloak explains what you need to know about a coroner’s inquest.

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How to fund specialist legal advice for an inquest or a claim

Becky Randel explains your options for funding legal support either for an inquest or fatal claim when a loved one dies.

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Cycling path

Does there really need to be a law for causing death or serious injury by dangerous, careless or inconsiderate cycling?

Mark Hambleton looks at the Government’s proposed law on dangerous cycling and asks: do we even need this new law?

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Person in hospital bed with woman touching their hand

Improving patient safety through inquest investigations

Becky Randel looks at how lawyers and charities can work together to support individual families at inquests whilst also identifying wider patient safety issues.

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Your employment rights following a bereavement

Chris Amys and Gabrielle Laurin explain your rights in employment when you’ve experienced a bereavement.

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Charity spotlight: The Coroners’ Court Support Service

Ali Cloak interviews Angela Geer, Chief Executive Officer, about the vital role the charity plays in supporting people in inquests.

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What is a Family Liaison Officer (FLO)? In conversation with Avon and Somerset FLOs

Roisin O’Dubhlaoidh interviews Family Liaison Officers (FLOs) to help share more about their role and why they do what they do.

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How we can ensure lessons are learned following a death - Interview with INQUEST

In a recent episode of our podcast Ali Cloak from our Inquest and Fatal claims team was joined by Deborah Coles and Aniesha Obuobie of INQUEST.

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The fatal claims process – overview of process for bringing a fatal personal injury claim

Roisin O’Dubhlaoidh explains what you need to know about the process of making a fatal accident claim.

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