October 19, 2015

RWK Goodman to speak at CRPS UK conference

CRPS UK conference
Julie Weymouth and Amanda Nelson of CRPS UK pictured with Louise Hart and Don Foster, then MP for Bath.


Unfortunately CRPS can be worsened by psychological symptoms and often patients find themselves in a vicious circle of physical and psychological symptoms. If left untreated, CRPS can cause long term disability and severe distress.

CRPS UK is a patient-led support group which unites patients across the nation who are suffering from this debilitating condition. Sadly, CRPS sufferers often find that they need to repeatedly explain their condition to others including, on occasions, medical practitioners. At CRPS UK everybody has a thorough understanding of CRPS. Patients often find it refreshing to be able to speak to others who understand the condition and the detrimental effect it can have on lifestyle. CRPS UK encourages patients to live their lives as normally as possible.

CRPS UK aim to improve research, diagnosis and treatment of CRPS. They promote awareness and education about CRPS in primary health care which should lead to more patients receiving timely diagnosis and intervention.

Unfortunately CRPS is a poorly understood condition. Recovery from CRPS is very much dependent upon it being diagnosed and treated at an early stage. Both RWK Goodman and CRPS UK are committed to raising awareness of CRPS and supporting those who are suffering from it.

Over the years, our Personal Injury team has helped many CRPS accident victims across the UK who have suffered from CRPS. Indeed, we represented Julie Weymouth who sustained a fractured knee cap following a fall at work and subsequently developed CRPS. Since 2011 Julie has been a patient volunteer at the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Disease and visited many patients who are suffering from CRPS giving them her support and understanding.

CRPS UK are holding their patient conference in Bath on 14 November 2015 at the Bath Hilton. The day features talks from many distinguished medical professionals who are highly experienced in dealing with CRPS patients. CRPS UK’s Patron Paralympic gold medallist Danielle Brown MBE and RWK Goodman will also be speaking.

If you would like further information on CRPS UK or would like to attend the conference on 14 November 2015 please visit the CRPS UK website.

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